FBI warns US citizens on hackers spying them through their smart TVs.

FBI Warns That Hackers Are Using Smart TVs To Watch You In Your Home

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In these days and times, there are barely people who don’t own a gadget or electronic device that is equipped with a camera. That includes smart TVs that can connect to the Internet as well as comes with a camera that allows us to do a video call with it.

But that also comes with a security risk where hackers who are successful in trespassing the security to spy into your life through the camera. That’ what FBI is warning people as there was a surge in sales for smart TVs.

Ill-intention actors may pry into your network system through your smart TV and through that, hack your laptop and other devices. FBI advice people to get familiar with their network security system, put passwords in devices and not to rely on default settings.

Smart TVs these days are equipped with good features, such as facial recognition and allows for more customized recommendations based on your search history. These data can be stolen.

This may mean that we have to get down to the most basic precaution, which is to tape our camera when not in use. You also need to learn to turn off the camera and microphones when not in use and get familiar with app-specific security measures for kids, such as putting the parental control in action.

Source: Oregon FBI