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Sprint Customer Accounts Are Compromised – Breached Through Samsung Website


Sprint Customer Accounts Are Compromised – Breached Through Samsung Website

Security breach on your Sprint account details through

Hackers are relentless in their pursuit of stealing everyone’s data to be shared and sold. One such attempt has put Sprint customers personal data under risk as they were breached from Samsung website.

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This breach was found out when Sprint customers were sent a letter by Sprint to inform them of suspected hacking activity. The letter explains that there was “unauthorized access to your Sprint account using your account credentials via the ‘add a line’ website” on June 22.

The hacker may have gained access to the customers’ “phone number, device type, device ID, monthly recurring charges, subscriber ID, account number, account creation date, upgrade eligibility, first and last name, billing address and add-on services.” Sprint quickly reassured customers that their credit card and social security numbers are not compromised as they were securely encrypted.

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From Samsung, reports have also mentioned that there have been “recently detected fraudulent attempts to access Sprint user account information via, using Sprint login credentials that were not obtained from Samsung.” Samsung also added that “no Samsung user account information was accessed as part of these attempts.”

While the letters tried to play down the possible risks of private data theft, it’s very possible that the data have been stolen and there were at least 3 days apart from when the data breach happened and password reset was done on June 25. Sprint did not reveal when the first breach happened, how many customers were affected and simply stated that customers are not at serious risks of identity theft.

In order to quickly settle the issues and help customers, Sprint has also established a dedicated CareTeam to remind customers to reset their passwords and help assist affected customers.

Just a few months ago in May, the company had also revealed that a security breach happened to their Boost Mobile where hackers busted through Boost accounts through their PIN and phone numbers. Boost Mobile is a virtual mobile network owned by Sprint and the breach happened on March 14 and while the number of victims was also unknown, the company had notified California attorney general which is required if there are more than 500 people affected.

Such cases have been happening and are under spotlights with more people showing concerns over their privacy being compromised. Moreover, Sprint’s weak convincing words have not eliminated the fact that customers’ phone number, first and last name, as well as billing address, have been seen by third parties who possibly possess malicious intents.

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