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Family Finds An Owl Hiding In Their Christmas Tree, Hugging It


Family Finds An Owl Hiding In Their Christmas Tree, Hugging It

It’s Christmas magic.

When most people these days are preferring a fake, maintenance-free plastic Christmas tree, Katie McBride’s family still prefers to get a fresh pine tree for the occasion. They’ve bought one this year and the kids were playing around the tree when Katie’s daughter went to her.

“Mama, that ornament scared me,” said her daughter.

After discovering that an owl has decided to take temporary shelter on her shiny tree, the family left the window and doors open all night. But the next morning, they discovered that the owl did not leave. It’s a real Christmas magic for the family!

Katie took the situation to Facebook and updated on what the owl is doing.

The decision to call the Chattahoochee Nature Center, an NGO to address the owl issue. The employee told them to just leave it some raw chicken in case it hasn’t eaten for the past few days. When they arrived, they identified it as the Eastern screech owl, a common species in Georgia.

She continued updating on the owl when the rescuer came to check on it.

Turns out the owl was okay!

The family carefully moved him into a cage with food and drinks. They prepared for him to leave the next morning, hoping to meet the birdie again, healthy and well.

Good luck, little birdie!

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