Family Creates Survey Asking Neighbors To Pick Their Next House Color, And It Went Viral

Family Creates Survey Asking Neighbors To Pick Their Next House Color, And It Went Viral

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There’s probably no better time to renovate or remodel your house than the quarantine. Both out of boredom and with plenty of free time to spare, people are starting to do stuff around the house that they have been putting off for quite some time.

The Landreths had just pulled the vinyl siding off their house and the cedar siding underneath was in dire need of a paint job. The boards were covered in peeling white paint and needed new life. However, the family of four quickly realized that it’s not that easy to pick the right color.

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“We don’t want to be that neighbor with that bright ugly house that everyone sees every day,” Brian Landreth told KGW8.

So what’s a better way to solve this issue than asking your neighbors which color they prefer?

After all, they will be the ones who will see the house more often than the owners as they pass it by. So they decided to crowdsource the best option by creating a survey and went viral for it

Brian Landreth

The family put up a sign that asked people to “Help us choose a color.” The sign included a QR code that takes passersby to the Google Docs survey where they can cast their votes.

Brian Landreth

Not only did the idea serve as a good way to pick the best color, but it also helped the Landreths’ daughter Grace with her homework.

Grace is taking a technology class in school and decided to use this survey as a way to collect data for a school assignment. Grace figured she would get a few hundred responses. What she wasn’t expecting was over 70,000.

Brian Landreth

“I didn’t think people from across the planet would vote on the color of my house that they probably don’t know where it is,” Grace said.

The survey asks people to vote from 1 to 5, with 1 being “HGTV Level Amazing” and 5 being “Yuck.” They are allowed to pick from such colors as a rocky mountain, wild orchid, good taste, blessed blue, and it’s well.

The Landreths were surprised by all the responses, but say it’s perfect during this time.

“It’s been really fun. Neighbors have been so cool. It seems to really help with the sense of community. It’s like we’re all together, apart,” said Brian’s wife, Kim.