Ex-Inmate Reveals What Prison Life Is Like For A Woman In 14 Shocking Stories

Ex-Inmate Reveals What Prison Life Is Like For A Woman In 14 Shocking Stories

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People can change and turn over a new leaf in life when giving the opportunity. Sometimes, it takes a really harsh reality to show them how important it is to start living properly. But some stories told here are shocking and even inhumane.

Jessica Kent opened up about her experience serving her time as a convicted drug dealer in Arkansas.

Jessica is now a YouTube with more than 400k subscribers, where she shares FYIs and her personal experience after serving in prison. Besides YouTube, she shares snippets of facts and stories on TikTok, which are pretty shocking to people who probably have only watched OINTB as their only other reference.

There’s a hierarchy in prison. People who have the most respect are murderers (lifers). As long as they don’t hurt innocent children or women. Next? It’s the drug dealer.

Jessica was an inmate with a 10-year addiction to drugs for dealing in drugs. The 31-year-old had the first taste of drugs when she was 12 and was caught at 17 for being involved in a controlled substance transaction. She served six years in prison and served one year in New York, where she originally was from.

The last day in prison is emotional for one. Another thing is that you don’t take home ‘free stuff’ to the outside. You give them out to other inmates. For Jessica, it was hard.

“I was especially nervous last time because I was homeless and an addict. I had nowhere to go and it was especially challenging,” Jessica added.

The worst thing that could happen in there? Way too many to mention. But let’s start with correctional officers not providing sanitary products for women on period.

Here she reveals that the officers would tell women they can’t get new tampons. So women had to adjust to the situation.

During her time serving in the Arkansas prison, women were not given the option to terminate their pregnancy.

The breakfast… was at least fulfilling the minimum calories. But the ‘oatmeal’ was mushy, and the bread was days old.

Prison sex is inventive and creative… with soap bars and latex gloves. That Jessica stole from the staff.

Jessica proudly added, “A lot of people were afraid to steal from the staff. Not me, that was my entire hustle.”

“I’m not gonna steal from the inmates. I’m gonna steal from the staff. It’s us vs. them, if you know what I mean.”

Well, in short, yes, they do. It is illegal, and officers often take advantage of prisoners who are just craving intimacy.

Jessica shows how you can use threads to do your eyebrows. Simple but pretty effective, and it was another one of Jessica’s hustles.


Jessica also talks about beauty needs in prison. Yes, even as prisoners, women still love to do makeup!

‘Chain gang’ is divided into classes. She was forced to work under the scorching sun in Arkansas with the hoe, which was different from New York.

Her leg was shackled to the bed right after she delivered. She got PTSD from it, her baby was put into foster care, and she worked hard for a year after coming out to get full custody.

Jessica also explained that the scene which was seared into her mind became the turning point inside her. “I just decided. I knew I was done. I was never going back to prison. I was never picking up another substance,” she firmly said.

“I’m now 9 years sober,” she proudly added.

‘Meat Wad’ is a menu served for dinner. It was mystery meat that was hard, weird, and smelled bad. Also… fibers?

Do you iron your clothes? No, the staff doesn’t do it for you. So they have to figure out a way to do it.

Jessica is also engaged now!

Sometimes you sleep in an open dorm with more than 50 people. You can also sleep in closed-tiers with one other cellmate ‘on’ bunk beds.

Jessica learned from her harsh past that prison life is bad. But it became a push for her to become a better person, a mother. Now, she has a beautiful family she can be proud of while working as a Prison Reform Activist.