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European Space Agency Is Paying People To Stay In The Bath For Five Days


European Space Agency Is Paying People To Stay In The Bath For Five Days

Thinking of doing odd jobs?

The idea of lying in your bed (or bath, in this case) and be paid for that sounds like a dream come true. Getting paid while getting served with all you need? Where do I sign up?!

ESA, the European Space Agency, is looking for a batch of 20 women to participate in their weightlessness test. They conducted a previous one that consisted of only male participants in Medes. They were placed in a dry-immersion bath for five days to see what weightlessness can do to a human body.

Yep, dry-immersion because a waterproof sheet is placed under you, so it won’t get wet at all. ESA explains the test: Dry-immersion studies benefit from placing less pressure on the body as volunteers are supported and suspended evenly in the tub, a condition that mimics the floating astronaut’s experience on the International Space Station.

Angelique Van Ombergen who’s the science coordinator of ESA’s human research explained, “The goal is to definitively test measures that reduce the unwanted effects of living in weightlessness.”

While it sounds really fun and all, ESA’s human spaceflight team leader Jennifer Ngo-Anh said that this test is ‘no joke’. “Lying in bed sounds fun but the pleasure wears off very quickly – especially when blood is drawn and muscle biopsies are involved – we constantly salute the volunteers that sacrifice their daily lives for the benefit of human exploration!” said Jennifer.

So far, ESA hasn’t revealed how many paid participants will be involved in the studies. There won’t be experiments involved and researchers will only focus on gathering as much data as possible.

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