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NASA’s Robotic Rover Curiosity Has Been On Mars For Over 7 Years And Here’re Its 30 Best Pics


NASA’s Robotic Rover Curiosity Has Been On Mars For Over 7 Years And Here’re Its 30 Best Pics

Gorgeous selfies.

It appears that Instagram celebrities and influencers are not the only people with perfect pictures. Curiosity, a robotically navigated rovers on Mars, have been snapping pictures on the red planet for the past 7 years. No man has walked on planet Mars yet, but these pictures uploaded by NASA have given a lot of insight about this planet.

NASA has sent four rovers to Mars so far: Sojourner, Opportunity, Spirit, and Curiosity with Opportunity having finished her mission on February 13, 2019. Curiosity is the only surface that is still intact with communication and it first landed on August 6, 2012.

Here’s Curiosity’s selfie 7 years ago and most recently.

The rover’s original mission duration was 687 days and it was impressive that it can still work until today. NASA has also been sharing pictures of the red planet with followers on their site as well as Instagram of the rover.

1. Ripples of the Martian sand dune.

2. Curiosity found and examined this meteorite on Mars.

3. Here’s a gorgeous sunset is seen from Gale Crater, Mars.

4. Curiosity stats: ‘Gettin’ dusty in Duluth rn.’

5. A hole in Mt. Sharp, sampling.

6. Curiosity flaunting his colored camera of the Martian dune.

7. This is a Jake Matijevic Rock.

8. The Martian rock ‘Harrison’, colored version, with crystals.

9. This amazing layers of the Mt. Sharp.

10. This is a mosaic of the petrified sand dune created from dozens of images by the mast camera.


11. This historical picture of ancient streambed.

12. Marks of Curiosity’s wheel scuff at ‘Rocknest’.

13. The Murray Buttes region at the lower part of Mt. Sharp. (Can you see that Sphinx?)

14. Another selfie of our hover at Martian sand dune.

15. More images of Mr. Sharp.

16. This is the base of Mt. Sharp and the rocky surroundings.

17. Sharp images of Mt. Sharp.

18. This selfie was taken at ‘Windjana’ drilling site.

19. This is a view of Curiosity at ‘Shaler’ from an orbiter.

20. Curiosity reached ‘Gobabeb’, an active sand dune which is part of ‘Bagnold’, a much larger dune field.


21. This gorgeous view of Martian geology.

22. This is using the 100mm mast camera.

23. The outcrop of a mudstone rock near the base of Mt. Sharp.


24. This area is named ‘Fracture Town’ due to the formations of layered, pointed rocks.


25. This is Curiosity’s selfie while rolling the ‘Buckskin’.

26. These layers located at the base of Mt. Sharp.

27. There are also strata at the base of Mt. Sharp.

28. Rocks that almost looked like bones.

29. This track of Curiosity rolling the ‘Hidden Valley’ of Mars.

30. On the outcrop of ‘Pahrump Hills’, resistant features.

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