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Engineers Make Breathable And Waterproof Cast To Replace Plaster Casts And Stop Itching


Engineers Make Breathable And Waterproof Cast To Replace Plaster Casts And Stop Itching

No more worries, here you now have a waterproof arm cast!

People on planet Earth fall into two major categories: The fragile bones and the ones with bones of steel.  And as many of us know, breaking a leg or an arm is a terrible experience. It’s constant pain, and the discomfort of having to put on a plaster cast can really be horrible.

Nevertheless, a group of engineers from Chicago, aimed at making the lives of people who easily break their arms and legs much easier have created a breathable and waterproof cast.

Hence, no more showering with a trash bag over your cast!

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A Group Of Engineers From Chicago Has Come Up With A Brilliant Idea –  Breathable And Waterproof Arm Cast

A startup named Cast21 carefully looked into the issues of plastic casts and provided ways of tackling it. On the other hand, Biomedical designer, Jason Troutner,  Ashley Moy and Justin Brooks, an electrical engineer from the University of Illinois all came up with the breathable waterproof cast that can be fitted in around 10 minutes.

The Arm Cast Is Very Hygienic And It’s Waterproof!

It Can Be Set In Around 10 Minutes And Very Much Easier To Remove Than A Plaster Cast

‘We have this radical belief that you can enjoy your healing experience. You won’t be  restrained from daily activities as the cast is created to be removed easier than the usual.’ Cast21’s Vice President, Veronica Hogg told the Daily Mail.

Image credits: cast21official

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One wipe and the mess is gone! With cleanup being this easy, there's nothing holding you back from tapping into your creative side!🎨

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