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Somebody Put Down A Huge Stone To Stop Curb Jumpers And Capture Reckless Motorists That Ignore It


Somebody Put Down A Huge Stone To Stop Curb Jumpers And Capture Reckless Motorists That Ignore It

A huge rock placed to stop reckless motorists from jumping the curb is has turned to a trap.

A rock in West Omaha is making news for its unmatched ability to wreck. This is not a crazy pitch story for some attention. The rock actually exists and locals believe that someone deliberately put it in place to stop drivers from cutting the corner

While some drivers know to better avoid the rock altogether, others, unlucky enough to graze it have to contend with a grazed paint or worse denting the car. the rock more or less shaped like a ramp, can easily get a car stuck if it hits it with just a little bit of force.

Another common problem is turning the steering wheel too soon – before your car has reached an appropriate part of the intersection/road (cutting the corner).

Speed might also play a role in these mistakes. “You have issues with your vehicle speed relative to your ‘steering speed.’ If your car is going so fast that you don’t leave yourself time to turn the wheel enough, then that’s not going to work. This is one of the reasons why we recommend to slow to 20 km/hr before turning, no matter what the circumstance.”

This rock was put here to tame rogue drivers that jumped the curb

The incidents have been occurring so frequently that locals even created a facebook group to vent out.

“I honestly am not sure when the rock was put into place,” Devon Barnett, a member of the Facebook group devoted to the famous rock, said. “I did use to work for the Hy-Vee store that is right by the rocks, and I believe it was there when I was working there back from 2000-2010.”

Yet, that was not enough to stop them

“I know the rock was put there because a lot of people would drive over the curb and get flat tires. It would also cause giant holes where the grass is being ripped out and where rain would collect and make a giant mud puddle.”

However, she agreed that the rock is becoming a local celebrity. “Now that there are Facebook pages and Twitter pages, I think it started to pick up steam on Twitter first, and then a Facebook profile was created last week.”

Instead of jumping the curb, they were getting stuck on that same rock!

There were so many of the ‘victims’, they even created a facebook page just so people would have a place to post their ‘stuck’ pics

According to the Driving Instructor Blog, there are a few reasons why people can’t make a corner with their vehicles.

“For example, many new drivers when they’re turning left, instead of looking at where they’re going while they’re turning, they’re still looking at some oncoming traffic that is down the road. If you’ve decided to turn, then you’ve decided it’s safe to turn in front of that traffic; If you’re still looking at the oncoming traffic while turning left, then your car will tend to aim towards the oncoming traffic, leading to a wide turn; as oppose to simply making a safe decision to turn when you see a safe gap in that traffic, and then looking where you actually want the car to go and then going there.”

And they got stuck even more, to the delight of tow truck companies

This is what everyone had to say about it

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