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Doctors All Around The World Unite To Ask People To Stay Home


Doctors All Around The World Unite To Ask People To Stay Home

It’s high-risk job, but they’re willing to do it for us.

Currently, there are more than 250,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19. But don’t panic – that number reflects also patients who have fully recovered from the virus which sums up to more than 89,000 people. But even so, the staggering number of people who have been confirmed as well as require urgent care has left people short-handed.

The numbers will continue to rise, but what doctors are trying to do is to flatten the curve. This means, instead of having 10,000 cases admitted into the hospital at once, it would be easier to handle if they can be split into 2,000 at once so it’ll be more manageable. And that’s why they ask us to #StayHome.

Healthcare professionals who deal directly with Covid-19 urge people to stay home.

Gee Teak Sheng

It didn’t dawn to some people that they want to be with their family so bad, but they can’t.


“Let’s help each other. #sitathome”



On the other hand, by social distancing, we reduce our exposure to the virus and carrying them to susceptible people, such as the elderly. The less people catch this, the less burdening it will be to the healthcare professionals.


Ashley wrote a powerful post, reminding people that it’s not just about you.



Obviously, the idea of staying at home for a prolonged time can be pretty boring. But this is also your chance to read that book you’ve been wanting to read, spend more time with your family members and catch up with old friends online.

Staying home is much more better than what nurses and doctors are currently putting themselves through to fight this pandemic.

Wearing the full gears to protect themselves can result in injuries to the medical team. They sometimes even have to wear diaper because it’s hard to take off the gears.



Let’s stay home, so the doctors who stay at work can get their job done quicker.

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