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Doctor struggles to remove a live snake from woman’s ear in viral video


Doctor struggles to remove a live snake from woman’s ear in viral video

A sickening video of a yellow-shaded snake stuck inside a lady’s ear is going viral on social media. The video is captioned, “The snake has gone in the ear,” the clip has acquired more than 140K perspectives and 131 shares on Facebook.

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The 3-minute 49-second video shows a clinical specialist, wearing hand gloves, attempting to eliminate the snake from the lady’s ear, which is seen looking out from the side of the lady’s left ear. The location or time of the incident has not been specified

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The now-viral clip closes without uncovering whether the surgery was successful, leaving watchers stunned and dismayed.

 One said, “How in the hell did it get there? I really don’t want to know. Hell naw!!!!!!”.While another said, “A snake with a head that big should be at least for and a half two feet long

Many tagged the fake. A user commented by saying, “Fake a** bullsh*t! Do people realize how big your ear channel is? My mom had a beetle in her ear while camping when I was a kid. This would be an easy removal. All they have to do is put the snake to sleep and pull it out.

Do you really think a snake can curl up in your ear channel? Common sense, people. Why do you think they don’t show the whole video.” Another said it is for views and wrote, “All FAKE! A snake would never be able to get in someone’s ear. Would never happen. He wasn’t even trying to pull it out….just trying to get views.”


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