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Doctor Delivered Baby On Halloween In The Joker Costume


Doctor Delivered Baby On Halloween In The Joker Costume

Would you have freaked out?

Justin and Britanny Selph drove to a medical center in Nashville, Tennessee, only to find that their Obstetrician was all dressed up as Batman’s infamous rival.

Startled with the appearance, Mr. Selph told the People: ‘My wife was due on November 5, but that didn’t happen. She woke up on Halloween morning to her water leaking. On reaching the hospital, we found out that our obstetrician was dressed for Halloween as The Joker.’

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Justin Selph/Facebook

‘We couldn’t help but laugh when he confidently walked into the room. My wife, being an open-minded woman with a sense of humor felt it would be quite hilarious to have a unique delivery.’

While Dr. Paul Locus had opted for a change of outfit, since the baby wasn’t due for a few hours, the couple insisted he shouldn’t. Mr. Selph posted a Video on Facebook Live, showing Dr. Locus with his outfit while also speaking to his wife before their baby was delivered.

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Justin Selph/Facebook

‘Brittany was prepared for delivery at 8, so the nurse went to call her doctor and to our surprise, he walked up in full Joker attire, ready to deliver our child. Here’s my wife staring at The Joker straight in the eyes while delivering our baby. What a sight! I was holding up her legs and taking some photos and going Facebook Live, but was stopped by a nurse.’ Mr. Selph explained.

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Justin Selph/Facebook
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Justin Selph/Facebook

‘I am sorry I couldn’t make it in last night, so glad to see the delivery went well.’ Mr. Selph told his wife when in came in the next morning.

Revealing that Dr. Locus took photos with the family, the couple, however, named 3rd child Oaklyn Seige Selph with Dr. Joker signing off a congratulations card.

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Justin Selph/Facebook

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