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Disneyland’s First-Ever Client Has Been Using A Lifetime Ticket For 64 Years


Disneyland’s First-Ever Client Has Been Using A Lifetime Ticket For 64 Years

Don’t be shocked, it wasn’t a lucky coincidence’

Numerous things bring joy to our lives as humans. It can be said that several amusement parks can equally bring in some pleasure in the list of things that brings about happiness.

 I bet you have dreamt of visiting some parks? And if you are given the chance to pick any, visiting Disneyland and also being the first client would definitely be a win-win situation for you.

Well, a man has walked in the path of your dreams in 1955.

A 22-Year Old College Student, Dave MacPherson on July 1955 became the first Disneyland client ever

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The handsome man sneering at a camera is Dave. At the grand opening of Disneyland, he was only 22-Year old and studying then at the Long Beach State College. Dave was the first to set his feet in the renowned amusement park on the launched for people.

Dave wanted to be 1st in line and stood at 2 AM on an opening day

2 16

He was the first individual to enter the park after Disney’celebrities and family members

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Don’t be shocked, it wasn’t a lucky coincidence. Dave had observed Disneyland’s opening festivities on TV on July 17th and decided to be the first commoners to enter the park.

He decided on being the first when watching the opening day festivities on July 17th, 1955

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While he didn’t know what happened to his admission ticket, he kept a copy of the complimentary card that was attached to it

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And proudly said he has been coming back yearly ever since

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It’s apparent that MacPherson appreciates the honor. He had since then, been coming back every year

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He even took his wife Wanda to park with a couple of friends

8 12

He never missed the chance of telling Disney how much he loves them

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The Disneyland Dave visited had a grand opening on July 17th

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It was later opened to the public on the 18th

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Specifically, Dave MacPherson was the luckiest guy to get in front of all the happy children

12 9

He revealed that viewing the line of 6000 people right behind him was a thing he would never forget.

13 7

As well as getting the chance to see Walt Disney himself

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