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Diagnosed Sociopath Reveals What It’s Like To Date Her


Diagnosed Sociopath Reveals What It’s Like To Date Her

Once her partners humanize themselves, Batra gets bored and discards them.

Kanika Batra, an Ex-Miss World Australia finalist, is medically diagnosed with an anti-social personality disorder. And of her condition, the 27-Year-Old has been quite open, taking to TikTok to highlight how being a sociopath affects almost everything from getting jobs maintaining friendships, and more recently, she has described what dating her is like. 

Batra told her followers that she sought people who bring value to her life but stressed that “never will they become significant.”

She explained in detail: “I date men and women very differently; I’m very, very picky about who I give my time to. Status and money don’t anything for me; I go purely on looks. In the early stages of dating a man, if there’s no stimulating conversation, he will be ghosted or blocked and deleted.” 

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The Sydney-based added that going into a date, she tends to view the other person as an object, but when they start to humanize themselves, she would get bored and discard them. 

The TikToker continued: “Games and nagging don’t work on me, I like a man to pursue me properly. I am a lot kinder and softer when it comes to women because I feel I can relate to them a lot more. I treat women with a lot of respect because I know what they’ve been through. I like to take the dominant role in courting and paying for things.”

Batra had previously shared that she had been seeing a psychiatrist and was working through most of her toxic thought patterns. 

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She concluded the video by pointing out, “I lovebomb intensely and am very enthusiastic. This is why when I discard; I get a lot of stalkers.” FYI, ASPD is reportedly defined as a mental disorder in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong while ignoring the rights and feelings of others. Other common traits include a lack of empathy and a tendency to lie and manipulate.

However, Batra’s video has been viewed over a million times, and people were left fascinated by the insight its offers.

@notkanikabatra What it’s like to date a diagnosed sociopath #aspd #fyp #viral #personalitydisorder #clusterb #foryou #dating ♬ original sound – Kanika Batra

Many people applauded her for being HONEST, while some were curious to learn more about her perspective. Others who had been diagnosed with ASPD said they felt safe and glad to be on a platform that wasn’t demonizing them. A few insisted they hoped Batra ended up in a healthy relationship, for she deserves it. In all, the beauty has no doubt helped clarify the difference between being a sociopath and a psychopath. 

And interestingly, she’s married to Sam Matheson [pictured]. 

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