Dad Share Hilarious Tweet When His Daughter, 4, Finds A 'Bra' In His Car And Tells Her Mom

Dad Share Hilarious Tweet When His Daughter, 4, Finds A ‘Bra’ In His Car And Tells Her Mom

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As some people are still required to commute from home to work even during the lockdown, there’s no doubt this incident is bound to happen. While this one specific case happened way back then, can you imagine the chances during this time?

A daughter asked her mommy why is her bra lying in the car. Obviously, this started a very short fiasco that was close to exploding. But dad tried to stay calm while escorting the family to the vicinity of their car. He tried to recall who and how in the world does a bra ended up in his car without him knowing about it.

They all walk into the garage and opened the car to this sight.


It feels like we can physically hear the husband sighing in a huge relief that he cannot mentally recall whose it is or if there’s any woman that left it there for some weird reasons because it’s not a bra.

But dang if it wasn’t so hilarious for the family as his 4-year-old snitches on him like this. We know dad now has something to play for the kid to get back on him.

He lost 10 years of his life to this.

The daughter is going to be laughing and crying at this story for years in the future. The wife returns to her loving partner mode and dad is out of jeopardy.

For now.

She got her back. Nobody got his.


People think dad shouldn’t stay quiet about this!


We all know there’s been that video rolling around on using bras as face masks.

…or that these N95 masks were also originally made as brassiere cups.


It seems that having a daughter and a snitcher is a package most dads can’t ignore.


Some others think there is a plot twist to this.


Let’s be honest, we have to love daughters that got their mommy’s back. Precious daughters who knew the better parent to side with.