Dad Realizes The Reality Of Over-Sexualization When Shopping For His Newborn Girl

Dad Realizes The Reality Of Over-Sexualization When Shopping For His Newborn Girl

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She was just a 0-month-old baby, but it’s so easy to find clothes with prints and quotes that tell boys they’re not dating yet. Well, duh. But new dad Michael Vaughn just never noticed how bad it is until he was personally involved in looking for his daughter’s clothes.

Michael Vaughn

The trend was started by @ericasaysstuff, who asked dads to share when they noticed that over-sexualization of women happens since girls are young.

Michael jumped on the bandwagon and shared his experience in shopping for clothes.


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It was just eye-opening for him. “It was 100% the clothes.”

“I knew it was going to be bad, but I didn’t know how bad,” Michael continued. “And then we got a onesie for our daughter that says: ‘Sorry, boys, dad says no dating’ — sized for a newborn.”

“I guess I’m wondering who they thought was going to date our 0-month-old daughter.”

But that’s not all. Michael doesn’t understand how newborn baby’s clothes are just “remarkably annoying” for girls.

He started shooting out questions that he couldn’t help asking after the endless journey of browsing through stores: Why does everything have ruffles? Why is everything hyper-pink? Why is everything glittery?

“Why can’t I just find a one-piece bathing suit for my daughter?”

“Why are girl clothes smaller than boy clothes when they’re the same size?”

“I don’t get why boys get normal shorts and my daughter gets shorts with an inseam of negative two,” he continued with his complaints. “We legit buy boy pants for our daughter because girl pants are sausage casing leggings. I’m not squeezing a baby back into sausage casing every single diaper change.”

Now 14-month old, Michael later added additional details about the clothes.

Michael continues to clarify in another video on why he prefers onesies for her daughter: the lower burn risks because of her sensitive skin.

Many people agree to how adults are weirdly shoving mature context to the things kids do: they’re just kids!

And this is one of those rare ruffle-free, non-pink, glittery clothes her daughter Eleanor has!

Michael Vaughn