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Dad Poses As A Napping Model And Asked His Kids To Draw Him


Dad Poses As A Napping Model And Asked His Kids To Draw Him

A hilarious yet smart way to parent kids!

When it comes to parenting kids, a lot of brilliant ideas or perhaps concepts tend to originate from nowhere. Just recently, a mom-of-four shared with the world how her husband took care of the kids she left with him and it’s sincerely hilarious: I mean! Get Them Busy!

Monica Weber, living in Colorado went shopping after her husband Micheal assured he would look after the kids, but became startled at finding him curled up asleep on the sofa.

She hilariously explained:

She added: ‘Micheal had just come off a 12hr Shift as an OR Nurse and I needed to get some groceries despite the cold/snowy outside weather. He insisted I shouldn’t go with kids to make my journey easier. Between Micheal’s time in the military and as an OR Nurse, he is actually the lightest sleeper ever.’

Monica Weber

Monica continued: ‘Our two oldest kids are quite capable of letting Michael know if something requires attention, although he would have even woken up before the kids even think of waking him up.’

‘Well, I was 20mins away and no one got hurt, no eyes were poked with pencils and no burned down houses. I took a snapshot upon my return and my kids Shh-ed me because they wanted to finish their drawing. Everyone enjoyed the Art Break and accordingly, Michael took some stress out.’

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