Couple With 29-Year Age Gap Say They're Often Mistaken For Dad And Daughter

Couple With 29-Year Age Gap Say They’re Often Mistaken For Dad And Daughter

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This couple is evidently head over heels in love, despite regularly being ridiculed by people about their obvious 29-year age gap. Receptionist and model, Kayla Caudill and body piercer, Stephen Dunn are constantly mistaken for father and daughter.

23-Year-Old Kayla Caudill from Macon, Georgia, and Stephen Dunn, 51, who officially met in May 2019 are constantly mistaken for father and daughter

23-Year-Old Caudill from Macon, Georgia, and Dunn, 51, officially met in May 2019. Kayla had got her belly button pierced in the same store Stephen was working. The duo, who instantly became friends at first sight started dating and overlooked disapproving stare from strangers.

The couple are both happier than ever and it’s evident their relationship is indeed a successful one. ‘We met when I came to get my belly button pierced. A friendship was established and we exchanged conversation. It wasn’t love at first sight, but there was just something special.’

‘I felt Stephen was charismatic, attentive, and handsome. He also felt I was kind and so much liked how I listened to him. There’s no denial about our connection.’ Kayla explained.

Interestingly, neither of them was in pursuit of a relationship as Kayla was married and Stephen was with someone whom he had kids with. ‘We were both in a serious relationship. But I being able to listen to him as well as care about what he was saying made a huge impression. We both appreciate our ability to communicate effectively to this moment.’ Kayla added.

Their relationship, according to Kayla was just friendship but did take a twist in June 2019 when Stephen reached a decision to leave his partner and Kayla her husband, so they could be together forever.

Expectedly, the couple’s 28-year gap sparked outrage in their respective families. Stephen’s ex-girlfriend doesn’t want Kayla close to his children and equally got disowned by her biological father. But for Kayla, Stephen remains the actual man she’s ever wanted.