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Man, 53, Who Often Mistaken For Being Two Decades Younger Than His Age


Man, 53, Who Often Mistaken For Being Two Decades Younger Than His Age

What’s his secret?

Everyone wants the secret to youthfulness and live to old age while maintaining that smooth skin. Well, Edson Brandao is living proof that you can achieve all that plus remain a happy human being even after 50 years old!

The 53-year-old has recently been making the news and surprise people because everyone thinks he’s lying about his age.

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What you just saw is not a random image of a young man. This fit guy in the pink shirt is Edson Brandao himself, aged 53 years old. The man is an influencer who works as a personal coach in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Oh, no, he never had a single plastic surgery and most of you can tell that.


Everyone wants to know the secret, so Edson reveals it. The secret is actually pretty simple and most of us deep down know it.

“I managed to achieve my goals in a natural way with biologic food, fruit, vegetables, and drinking a lot of water. I see my body as a temple where my soul is living. Therefore, I take care of this precious gift from God.”

In addition, Edson has a skincare routine as well, “I use daily anti-aging creams for my skin as well to keep the young appearance.”


“People are always in shock when they find out I am 53. They all think I am 25.”

Breaking down his diet and lifestyle, Edson explains, “I eat everything in a moderate way. I avoid eating sugar, industrialised food, snacks, and fried products. I never drink soft drinks because that is unhealthy. Last but not least, I have never smoked or used drugs in my life. I do weight lifting and cardio every day to keep in good shape.”

“It is fantastic to see how people are overwhelmed by my young appearance and that I can inspire them to change their lifestyle if they want,” he added.

Ten years ago and today. What a stark difference!


Edson also explains that having a positive mindset helps your body enjoy the benefits as well. It motivates you to keep a healthy lifestyle that in return gives you the appearance of a youth.


He also talks about his diet menu!

Edson enjoys blending fresh fruit smoothies in the morning or almond milk with cereal. He makes homemade vegan pancakes for breakfast. For lunch, it’s either grilled white fish or chicken, vegetables for side is a must and healthy brown rice for the energy to go through the day. At night, he has salmon with mushrooms or tomatoes and brown rice or sweet potatoes.


Edson is also the author to the book ‘Young After 40’.

“I am the evidence that a human-being can stay and feel young even as you get older.”

He says that the first important step is to be able to accept and love yourself and from that, develop a healthy lifestyle that shows you do love yourself and the health of body you live in!

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