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Couple Fell In Love On Extra-Marital Dating Site Insist They Won’t Be Unfaithful No More, Plans To Marry


Couple Fell In Love On Extra-Marital Dating Site Insist They Won’t Be Unfaithful No More, Plans To Marry

They have found true love, or so they said.

30-year-old entrepreneur Thea Thorpe is planning a marriage with his boyfriend Jack Logan-Beddings, 36. All seems well for the two, except the fact that they were cheating from their previous partners through an extra-marital dating site.

They met on which is a dating site for married people. However, they had always been going for open relationships and had ‘a very liberal attitude towards monogamy’.

They thought to jump on relationships and simply having fun was the only way to happiness because life’s too short for only one.

“But that all changed when I met Jack. I wanted to spend the rest of life with him and that meant ditching the extra-marital dating,” said Thea.

Thea and Jack first dated one year ago when Jack was still married.

Thea talked about how she managed to be on the site so often, “We were both in relationships where we had permission to cheat. I was dating several men on a casual basis and was using lots of dating sites.”

“I had several affairs in this way and thought that I was living the perfect life – with lots of sex but the stability of having a steady partner back at home. For a long time, I convinced myself that this is what I really wanted and that I was enjoying the best of both worlds.”

“I would get the giddy excitement you get when you meet a new partner and then… it all went a bit stale after a few dates.”

“Then I met Jack and all that changed. He made me realize that my long-term relationship was a sham and that the flings I was having on the side were just that – meaningless flings.

“With Jack, I had something much more meaningful and I knew I couldn’t handle the idea of him sleeping with another woman.”

“Within a few dates, we had both left our partners and cancelled our subscription to We have remained faithful to each other ever since and cannot wait to tie the knot next year,” she continues.

Jack is still married to his first wife but will tie the knot with Thea after his divorce, “I knew straight away with Thea that I was living a lie and that I had met my life partner. Obviously, it was slightly more complicated for me because I was married to my wife but we split shortly after that first date with Thea.”

“I didn’t really connect with anyone until I met Thea and then love hit me like a thunderbolt,” said Jack.

Thea insisted, “Just because we have both cheated before doesn’t mean we will do it again. It’s different with Jack.” And now, the two are working with Louise Van Der Velde, a relationship expert.

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