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‘Cats’ Flops So Badly And It Could Lose $100M For Universal


‘Cats’ Flops So Badly And It Could Lose $100M For Universal

Oh, well…

Nobody would have thought that a movie which cast Idris Elba, Taylor Swift and a line of other A-list celebrities would flop so badly. ‘Cats’ flopped despite Jessica Hudson’s amazing render of ‘Memory’ and great storyline based on the popular musical ‘Cats’.

‘Cats’ flopped big time on its opening weekend, earning only $6.6m domestically. Currently, it has earned $38.3 million globally with more than half earned in the US and Canada. This disaster is worse by the fact that it has a total budget of $95 million.

Not to mention that they have spent just as much on marketing costs. This is a hard lesson that reminds these giant media companies that not even big names like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson can save a poorly planned movie.

The studio also delivered an emergency revising by director Tom Hooper’s request on the special effects. But that did not save the movie from the disaster that is… the scary humanoid, dancing, and singing cats.

On the other hand, Netflix is gaining traction and satisfying viewers this year with their big library of originals. From ‘Stranger Things’ season 3, ‘Umbrella Academy’ to critically acclaimed movies like ‘Marriage Story’ and ‘The Irishman’, it did not seem like Netflix experienced major setbacks even with Disney+ launch.

Here’s to the cat that we deserved.

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