Bride-To-Be Shamed For 'Tiny' Engagement Ring On Social Media

Bride-To-Be Shamed For ‘Tiny’ Engagement Ring On Social Media

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Not everyone can manage expensive gold band rings with huge chunks of diamonds on top. We can all agree that your man will do his best to show just how much you’re worth to him. These days, though, who else is in love with minimalist designs because of how lovely they look on our hands?

Choosing the right engagement ring is indeed so important for men. This is a piece of jewelry that you’ll wear for a really long time. It symbolizes the union between you and the man that you’ll love for a lifetime. From the band design to the precious stone you have on it, everything matters.

Yet, should the ring, or anything about a wedding party, ever be more important than your own happiness?

A bride-to-be happily shared about her engagement news with a post of her ring. But it was shamed badly in a Facebook group.


This ring has a minimalist design that emphasizes simplicity (FYI, it’s a bestseller from the shop now!). Its beauty had clearly stunned this woman and her pair, which should be all that matters for a new happy family, right?

Apparently, some women think this ring looks ‘tiny’.

One of them commented, “It’s so pitiful, I just can’t. It’s too sad.”

We all know what’s pitiful: having the need to shame others on one of their happiest moment in life to feel better about it.

Other meaner comments included “paper clip” and “smidge of tin foil on her hand.”

It got pretty ridiculous when some ever said they would need “world-class physicists and astronomers” to build equipment to be able to see “your [expletive] ring.”

No ma’am, pretty sure that means you’re too blind and need to get your eyes checked.

But you know what’s funnier? These negative comments about a mere ring that money can buy can never measure up to the happiest, lifelong marriage this woman will surely have. If you feel the need to have your worth measured with the mere size of a stone, get your priorities checked.

Don’t forget: stay happy and healthy!