Bride In Wheelchair Surprises Groom As She Walked Down The Aisle

Bride In Wheelchair Surprises Groom As She Walked Down The Aisle

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Chelsie Hill knew that her husband does not like surprises. But she also knows very well that her husband-to-be, Jay Bloomfield, was going to love what she had planned for their wedding.

Chelsie Hill is paralyzed from the waist down since 2010.

The 29-year-old bride then became the CEO and founder of the Rollettes, a dance team for wheelchair users based in LA. At the same time, she’s also an active speaker to help fellow wheelchair users. The woman found her other half in 2014 in Jay Bloomfield.

Their wedding ceremony was held at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach overlooking the sea.

While it was a surprise for the 34-year-old unwary groom, Hill shared it’s also been a dream of hers.

Hill told Insider, “I want to stress that there’s nothing wrong with sitting down in your chair. But for me growing up, I always imagined myself walking down the aisle.”

“And I just wanted to feel that — not that my disability has taken anything away from me — but I just wanted to feel that heart to heart and stand up there eye to eye with him. That was just really something really important to me personally.”

She got ready and had leg bracers to help prop her up while she walks and stands.

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She walked the aisle, her dad helping her, with a bright smile on her face.

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She told people to make sure that Jay was not looking back until the right time. And sure enough, Jay turned around and his jaw dropped. At that moment, Hill shared that she couldn’t see anybody else but him.

“I just felt like that whole time our souls were locked in on each other.”


she said she dreamed of the day she’d look her husband in the eye on their wedding day, and she did that

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They spoke their vows, “After my accident, I wasn’t sure if I would ever find someone who truly loved all of me. You have accepted me fully, honored me, and adored all the parts of me.”

“For this moment today, I wanted to do something I had always dreamed of. Stand eye to eye with you as we promise our lives to each other.”

They even danced and surprised the guests and her dad!

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We have nothing but best wishes for them!