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Brazilian ‘Human Satan’ Shows What He Looked Like Before Body Modifications


Brazilian ‘Human Satan’ Shows What He Looked Like Before Body Modifications

To become the scariest Human Satan.

Some people go through extreme lengths to change their appearance. Often, they reached a point where they are totally unrecognizable from how they used to look, just like what Brazilian Michel Faro do Prado “Human Satan” did to his appearance.

He is known as Diabao Praddo on Instagram and has more than 78k fans there.

The 44-year-old is obsessed over his Satan look, going through some extreme procedures to implant tusks and horns. He also tattooed his body black complete with scar details to make them look realistically scarier. There, there are his pitch-black eyes.

Based in São Paulo, the man has taken his obsession a step further by cutting his nostrils and a finger.

The 44-year-old is the third person in the world to have his nostrils cut off, significantly amplifying his monstrous appearance. But before all of these transformations, Michel has the experience of a tattoo artist for over 20 years. It was his love for body art that led him to that career.

“I have been a tattoo artist for 25 years; most of my tattoos I get from tattoo artists and professionals who I have paid.”

Michel shares that he started getting way more arts on his body after getting married to his wife. “I focus on blackwork and brutal tattoos, which are types of tattoos where you ink a large part of your body,” Michel shared. “But my wife has specialized in the area of modifications, and the idea is for me to become her masterpiece when it comes to tattooing!”

But getting those things removed and stuck into him sounds… painful!

Well, as it turns out, Michel has “good resistance to pain” and admits that he “suffer a lot more in the post-procedures.” He takes anesthesia during procedures because many of them would be impossible without it. He added, “But if I have to feel pain, to achieve what I want, for sure I will face it!”

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