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Boy, 5, Who Died In Hot Car After His Mom Forgot He Was Strapped Is Pictured In Sweet Family Pics


Boy, 5, Who Died In Hot Car After His Mom Forgot He Was Strapped Is Pictured In Sweet Family Pics

Police don’t believe foul play was a cause.

Mom Amanda Means forgot her son Trace was in the backseat of her car when she returned home and parked right outside their family home in Texas. The 5-Year-Old was strapped in the car for nearly three hours, with temperatures reaching a blistering 100F – 37C. 

36-Year-Old Amanda reportedly entered the house to prepare for her older daughter’s birthday party when she realized her son was missing.

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As she ran to the parked Porsche SUV, Amanda found Trace unresponsive in the backseat and instantly called emergency services. Police arrived at the home, and sadly Trace was pronounced dead. Amanda has not been charged in connection with his death, but police are still carrying out their investigations.

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Since his passing, Trace has now been pictured for the first time in sweet family pictures, beaming alongside his parents and older sister. 

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Taking to Facebook on the subject matter, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez claimed Amanda had witnessed her eight-year-old daughter exit the car and enter the house. And with Trace knowing how to unbuckle his seatbelt, she assumed he had released himself from his seat and entered the house with his sister.

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“They were in full excitement with the business of getting everything ready. They exited the car and went inside the house to continue preparations. The mum went inside with the other sibling,” Sheriff Gonzalez told Fox29.

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However, a bouncy castle could reportedly be spotted from the street. Police are investigating the tragic death but don’t believe foul play was a cause. On the other hand, the way Trace died marked the 5th child this year who passed on from heatstroke after being left in a car. 

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