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Binge Watch And Earn: $1,000 For 15 Hours Of ‘The Office’


Binge Watch And Earn: $1,000 For 15 Hours Of ‘The Office’

We need more jobs like this.

‘The Office’ fans are possibly flooding the application form by now, but we’ll say it anyway. USDish is looking for people who are willing to watch 15 hours of ‘The Office’ and report back the tropes that commonly occur in the show. The reward: $1,000.

Yes, you are allowed to be a couch potato for a whole week and watch 45 episodes of ‘The Office’ on Netflix while getting paid for it.

The only difference from your 10 or so times previous re-watch sessions is that you only need to fill out with tallies how many times common tropes took place. Things like the number of times Stanley rolls his eyes to the camera, etc. USDish’s purpose in conducting this survey is to find out how often are tropes used in sitcoms.

They also provide guidance on how users can track their experience and require them to share unfiltered, honest opinions as well as reactions on the show on social media. Plus, you have 9 days to finish the survey.

Aside from the $1,000 cash, you will also receive Netflix gift cards and official merchandise from ‘The Office’. Additionally, you can include a video of you watching the show to boost your chances. Applications for the job will be closed on March 16 and you have to be a US citizen over 18 years old.

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