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‘Big Bang Theory’ Heartbreaking Fan Theory Will Change Your View Of The Story


‘Big Bang Theory’ Heartbreaking Fan Theory Will Change Your View Of The Story

Why was Penny so out of place?

Fan theories can be extremely wild and mind-blowing. Some can be pretty farfetched, which can either be chilling or cringey. This theory from Reddit falls into the former.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ is a 12-season sitcom revolving around socially awkward, close-knit friends. It was cute, relatable, wholesome, funny, and all, but here’s the thing.

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The ‘Big Bang Theory’ series left some loose ends and unanswered questions. Such as Penny’s background.

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Reddit user u/thetheoryguys posted a wild theory, and it goes as follows.

The whole show was just an imagination that Sheldon made up while he was in a mental asylum. And it happened after he murdered his dad and the dad’s girlfriend. His father’s death was only implied in the show.


And that’s where he met Penny, who’s an actress struggling mentally after being shot down. He also met Leonard there, who was lobotomized for sending North Korea information.

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Amy is Sheldon’s doctor, obsessed not with him but with studying his brain.

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Raj dreams of being an astrophysicist, but he’s ended up being a depressed doctor with deep resentment toward women because of his sister. And that was why he loved Howard, the asylum’s caretaker.

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And now Penny: where does she fit in the frame? She’s a spy sent to monitor Leonard and Sheldon, who learned of a rocket fuel project from Joyce Kim in “The Staircase Implementation” episode.

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That was why she didn’t have a last name, and despite not having anything in common with everyone else, she was always around them. She wasn’t really the dumb blonde but acted like one to make it easier to build rapport with the boys.

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Sounds pretty dark, right? But it fits in with the gaps that the show never really filled for us.

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