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BF Offers To Do Housework For First Time Ever But Ends Up Breaking His Leg Over Vacuum Cleaner


BF Offers To Do Housework For First Time Ever But Ends Up Breaking His Leg Over Vacuum Cleaner

“I thought he was pulling a fast one.”

Nathan Marsh was forced to spend four weeks resting in bed and six weeks in a cast following an in-house accident. The 26-Year-Old from Rhondda Cynon Taf had offered to do housework for the first time but then experienced a broken leg, tripping over a vacuum cord and falling down the stairs. 

Nathan Marsh [right] ended up in hospital after reluctantly helping his fiancé [left] with house chores.

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His fiancée Bethan Watling, 24, didn’t initially believe he was in pain and had thought he was only trying to get out of doing house chores. She had reportedly found him in a pile at the bottom of the stairs, tangled in the vacuum, and couldn’t walk. “I thought he was pulling a fast one,” Bethan told The Sun

Bethan sent him to hoover upstairs, but soon he complained of an injury, assumed as a pretense.



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Nathan indeed broke two bones in his leg after somehow falling down the stairs.

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It turned out Nathan broke two bones in his leg, and just when the paramedics couldn’t get him out of the house in a wheelchair, the fire brigade had to be called. They nearly took the couple’s window off to get him out but eventually managed to carry Nathan out of the front door strapped to a board.

An ambulance and he was quickly taken to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, Wales, for treatment.

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On their arrival at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Wales, an X-ray was carried out, which revealed the two broken bones – the tibia and fibula. Thankfully he has recovered, back on his feet, and Bethan has got him cleaning again but this time only trusting him with light dusting duties. Bethan insisted: “I try and get him to do a bit of cleaning but definitely nothing upstairs.” 

“At first, I didn’t believe him; I thought he was pulling a fast one. Looking back, it’s quite hilarious.” Bethan said.


Reply to @rachelfrench part 2.. and for anyone who wanted to know yes Henry the hover is fine

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The duo, who isn’t currently working, have lived together for two years.

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However, Bethan and Nathan, who aren’t currently working, have lived together for two years. Bethan, who studies barbering at Bridgend College, Wales, shared that Nathan has never been a fan of housework and tries all he can to avoid doing chores. On this occasion, Bethan convinced him to help with the vacuuming for the first time, but it ended in the unexpected

Nathan, who broke his tibia and fibula, is now fully recovered and back on his feet.

via bethanlewiswatling

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