Artists Draw 3 Horror Stories With Twisted Endings

Artists Draw 3 Horror Stories With Twisted Endings

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Every one sometimes loves a good horror storyline, most especially when it comes to an unpredictable twist. Talented artists have, however, been creating several comics that are truly strange. Most of the illustrations are weird and scary as well as do have unexpected endings.

Illustrator Yael Nathan and Writer Ehud Lavski see life in a way nobody is watching, instead of seeing life in a just good or bad way. The duo has been creating short interesting comics, which have reached over 20milllion people.

Their latest three creepy comics feature a barren couple on a vacation, a hazardous comic book, and an old man with revenge at heart. And just like little kids, these series are different from one another.

With strong emotional feedback from their readers, the duo comics appear fully formed as their concepts mainly come from almost anything, including nightmares and dreams.

Anyways, turn all the light before reading as it’s about to get spooky!

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