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Artist’s 30 Witty Comics Every Tired Woman Can Relate To


Artist’s 30 Witty Comics Every Tired Woman Can Relate To

Life is just effing exhausting.

Lily O’Farrell from the UK is the artist of Vulga Drawings. Often explicit, Lily is not shy about portraying relatable struggles and pressures from society that are often pushed on them just because they are women.

At 252k followers, her comics are for everyone who shares the same sentiment with period mood swings, ‘not all men’ arguments, and judgmental people towards pro-choices. If you love her, definitely check out her page for more, or stay tuned with us for our curated picks!

More info: Instagram / vulgadrawings

1. “Feminism isn’t a personal attack on you sweetie but if you stopped thinking about yourself all the time sexism would prob go away…”

2. “Wifey Material Complex!”

3. “Every girl has her magic ‘lil black dress.”

4. “Feminism is for you too xxx”

5. “Hey boy u a magician or a misogynist hard to tell these days.”

6. “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s period skin.”

7. “Tell me again how hot it is Karen I didn’t notice despite the literal STREAM of sweat running down my back.”

8. “Minding my business eating a banana on the bus and a man has the AUDACITY to lean over and whisper ‘I like your technique’.”

9. “F***ing hell Keith the world is burning and you have unresolved issues with your Dad but by all means, have another pint.”

10. “Text ur friend asking how they are and saying it’s been ages -> open reply -> forget about it -> repeat.”

11. “Shut up, Karen.”

12. “NWIN!!!!!!!”

13. “Got 12 GCSEs and a PhD in ‘Well Actually’.”

14. “Grrrr @ the patriarchy.”

15. “Oh haha. That’s so funny. Thanks, Uncle Bob.”

16. “Ooh boy, spread those legs like you spread that avocado on sourdough at the Australian-themed brunch chain you work at.”

17. “It’s a nightmare.”

18. “Siri: Explain why I’ve been left to deal with a mistake I didn’t vote for and the ppl who did vote for it are gonna die in the next 10 years and 10 years is probably when I’ll be having my own kids and those kids will be dealing with my mistakes?”

19. “‘I dunno there’s just something about her I don’t like I just can’t put my finger on it…’ I’ll put my fkin finger on it Brad it’s cos you’re incapable of accepting a woman in a non-mother and non-lover role.”

20. “My top 5 cheeses: Parmesan, Comte, Cheddar, don’t refer to grown women as ‘girls’ when you don’t call men ‘boys’, Pecorino and Camembert.”

21. “We have oat milk, fighting against climate change and open dialogue about our mental health. They have kitchen extensions, sharing fake news and homeownership.”

22. Ego onboard.

23. “True love will find you in the end.”

24. “Your perception of womanhood is more valid than my actual lived experience.”

25. Safe space.

26. “Heterosexual girlfriends you deserve a 100k salary minimum for the amount of emotional labor you dish out.”

27. Natural look.

28. “Go get therapy and find out why you need women to be insecure to be attractive.”

29. Drama.

30. “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s the 10 hours a night sleep she’s been getting.”

Bonus: “A realistic love story”

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