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Artist Who Made People Cry With Comic ‘Good Boy’ Is Back With A Parrot Comics


Artist Who Made People Cry With Comic ‘Good Boy’ Is Back With A Parrot Comics

That what they called me, “Shut Up.”

Animals are not toys that we can buy and put away when we don’t want them anymore. They are not ‘things’ you can just pass on to someone else because ‘nobody is interested in them anymore’. Pets are family members, even when they’re not everything to you, you are everything to them.

Jenny Jinya, the animal-comics-tearjerker, is back with yet another sad story of an animal suffering from mistreatment. She chooses budgies this time, birds that are known for their beautiful voices and genius ‘speaking’ skills.

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It began with a chick learning a song from its mother.


There is no doubt that since work from home regulation has been put up, a lot of people are giving up birds like budgies since they make a lot of noises and interrupt zoom meetings. But that is nature of birds – they make beautiful noises as part of their communication. Budgies live in flocks and can actually die from loneliness.

Depressed birds often pick their feathers because it releases a chemical that calms them down. But this is unhealthy and can cause infection to the birds. Did you know that budgies can live well beyond 15 years when they are well-cared of? Yet, roughly half of them die in less than 5 years from mistreatment.

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