Woman illustrates why she chooses to remain child-free and why it is okay.

Artist Draws Why It Is Okay That You Choose To Be Child-Free

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There are women who can finally choose for their life and one of them is to be child-free. Even so, there are still people that cannot seem to come to terms with that notion. Women? Not wanting kids? What’s your uterus for, then?

Well, illustrator Kate McDonough from South Dakota, USA, decided to make a series of comics that explain why. Not surprisingly, a lot of people were so agreeing with her views, even mothers with kids who can’t express more how much they love them. Parenting is not for everyone and should never be forced.

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Don’t feel pressure, women.


What can we say, we are super thankful that there are more people who make explaining the idea easier to understand for more people. Remember, the issue of raising a kid, is not to be taken lightly of. They will change your life sure, but you don’t know if it’s for the worse or better.

We’ve seen parents who are unable to handle the pressure of parenting. We learn from it and it’s actually a wise action to not jump into it if you’re not confident of yourself.

People can’t agree more on how we should just all mind our uterus.