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Artist Draws Amazing Love Between Couple That Everyone Can Feel


Artist Draws Amazing Love Between Couple That Everyone Can Feel

Even though it hurts, I’d still hug you.

Creative illustrator Gabriel Piccolo loves to draw the theme of people in love. Love sends butterflies fluttering in your stomach and the heart races so fast that you thought it was going to jump out of your chest. The first kiss felt like a dream and as you kiss for the second time, you felt like your dream had come true.

Piccolo is a traditional illustrator who also loves to color his arts using digital means. The Brazilian artist always uses fantasy characters to depict love that surpasses all boundaries. He began getting more popular in 2014 when he put himself into a 365-day drawing challenge.

“For my drawings, I take inspiration from Studio Ghibli, Disney, video games among other stuff. I love to draw something that is relatable to me and other people as well,” explains the illustrator. It shows how in most of his arts we seem to see characters of different colors that may mean they’re from different races.

One of his most popular series is the love story between the sun and the fallen angel Icarus. The man who has now 2.4m followers has started a project on Indiegogo to turn the story into a book. Green Lemon has compiled some of it from Piccolo’s Instagram.

Might this be a better love story than Twilight? You decide!

1. Netflix and sweat.

2. In love, not everyone is always willing to sacrifice all…

3. Although the first meeting may seem magical.

3. A relationship is not something that can be solved with love alone.

4. And sometimes, separation is inevitable.

5. But love should always be the most important thing.

7. Every step that you take together also means that you will share the burden…

8. …the craziness…

9. …and the fear.

10. When you feel like running away, it’s okay, it’s normal.

11. When you look back and miss those times, it’s okay, love changes a lot of things.

12. And sometimes, you feel so broken, you can’t stop breaking things.

13. But know one things – that person has let you and only you in. Maybe a little effort will change things?

14. Nobody is perfect, don’t you remember? Icarus was a fallen angel.

15. And may be through the mess and craziness, all both of you want is just to feel securely in love with each other.

16. And don’t you remember the frankness he showed in proclaiming his love for you?

17. And when you were oblivious of how painful you are to him, he still gave his all.

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