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Apple’s New iPhones Are Triggering Users Trypophobia


Apple’s New iPhones Are Triggering Users Trypophobia

The fear of clusters of small holes!

Officially, Apple has unveiled a brand new iPhone models and many of its users are presently looking forward to trying out the advanced features.

The design of the released models – iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max has, however, resulted into some anxiety, most especially with the manner at which the 3 camera lenses have been packed tightly together, resulting to some individuals Trypophobia being triggered.

Many of the sufferers are speaking out their mind about the effect of the camera lens being clustered, revealing that it wouldn’t be so bad if the lenses had been placed in a straight line. Obviously, the honeycomb pattern and jarring camera lens are making a lot of people very twitchy.

If you don’t know what Trypophobia means, it is regarded as the fear of clusters of small holes laid in an irregular pattern. Trypophobians might even trigger by common things like strawberries, natural sponges and bath bubbles.

Medical News Today also described Trypophobia as a term that has been used since 2009 but hasn’t been recognized by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

While there’s a limited study into the Phobia, there are theories as to why clusters bother some people so much. Nevertheless, the iPhone lenses aren’t holes, actually, they just have a hoe like quality, and so causing many individuals a Trypophobic shake.

Expressing their thought, Users have taken to Twitter to share their feeling about the new iPhone and are coming to terms with the fact that they might have to put their tremor aside if they want to continue using the iPhone technology,

A user tweeted:

‘Trypophobia is so real and the new Apple iPhone design is making me extremely anxious.’

Another commented:

‘Three cameras on the new iPhone triggers my Trypophobia. I can’t have people walking by my side with those cameras daily.’

Some other individuals have also acknowledged that the insectile design on the new iPhone is making them feel a tad queasy.

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