Amazon is now selling spider catcher that lets people transfer them out the house without killing them.

Amazon Is Now Selling A Contraption So You Can Safely Remove Spiders Without Hurting Them

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How many times have you found yourself on a battlefield against an eight-legged creature? Very few people actually enjoy their existence as the majority are either screaming or flapping their fly swatter at sight. Spiders are really not something most people enjoy being around for long.

But on the other hand, it feels quite unfair for these little guys who are just living their lives and some are not even lethal to humans, to begin with. Yet, they get squashed real quick on sight.

If you have been really bugged by it (not a pun, since spiders aren’t bugs), Amazon is now selling ‘My Critter Catcher’. It is designed to catch spiders, mostly, but if you happen upon other insects, you can also try using this to quickly carry and transport them away from your safe haven.

Introducing, My Critter Catcher.

You don’t have to squash innocent spiders. The soft bristle will lockdown on the spider and prevent them from jumping.

Then you can release them once they’re back in their habitat.

Very easy to use, no more mess and most importantly, no more tragically killed spiders!