8 Unbearably Cute 'Pixie And Brutus' Comics By Pet Foolery

8 Unbearably Cute ‘Pixie And Brutus’ Comics By Pet Foolery

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It’s almost impossible not to smile and feel fuzzy on the inside after reading ‘Pet Foolery.’ Ben’s comics about pets and other animals are always so cute, especially Pixie, the small cat who did not let Brutus’ menacing look and big stature scare her. Perhaps it’s because she is too innocent, but Brutus, despite his attitude, always welcomes Pixie’s presence and actions.

Who is Brutus? What’s with that scary look?! If you don’t know who he is, Brutus was an ex-military German Shepherd who retired after losing his previous owner. Yes, very dark, but Brutus is better now – Pixie has this innocence to her that always managed to bring Brutus’ guard down around her.

If you are having a bad day, ‘Pet Foolery’ will definitely cure it. Heck, it might even cure depression, just like how it helped Brutus!

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