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7 Tattoo Models Show How Different They Looked Before They Got Inked


7 Tattoo Models Show How Different They Looked Before They Got Inked

You can’t but imagine their joy after getting inked.

Lovers of tattoos naturally spend years covering their bodies with mouth-opening designs, and these sets of models compiled below are no exception. From Briana Todd, Angela Mazzanti to Monami Frost, the models are widely known for their intricate body art. While it’s pretty hard to picture what they looked like before accepting tattooists’ needles, it’s safe to say that most are totally unrecognizable. 

But importantly, many people have described how getting inked has assisted them in loving their bodies, having fought with insecurities. However, contrary to fashion standards of decades past, permanent body art is no longer perceived as a flaw on models; instead, it’s now seen as gorgeous. Without any further ado, have a look at these stunning tattoo transformations. Possibly, they might inspire you to want to get inked. Enjoy!

Brianna Todd.

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fallenmoon13 via Instagram

Since adding several intricate tattoos to her body in 2016, Briana just recently transformed. The model shared the difference on Instagram and captioned it: “2016 vs. 2021.” The before photo showed Briana of Connecticut US, with some ink on her arms and hipbone. Presently, she has completed her arm sleeves while also covering her stomach and thighs. Briana added designs to her hand and patterns on her neck.

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fallenmoon13 via Instagram

Amber Luke.

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ambsluke666 via Instagram

Amber felt empowered after covering 98% of her body, getting piercings on her face and even crotch. She battled with her mental health as a teenager but found tattoos to be a great way to express herself. The model has also braved gruesome procedures as she has had her tongue split into a fork, her ears stretched, and her eyeballs inked into a bright shade of blue. Another change is her hair, which she dyed to match her peepers. 

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ambsluke666 via Instagram

Monami Frost.

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monamifrost via Instagram

This YouTuber never fails at delighting her fans with her tattoos. Most of her body is covered after she started getting them, aged 14. And interestingly, she even has the world devotion tattooed above her eyebrow. In 2020, the model shared what she looked like before getting inked and claimed that the glow was real and made her more accept her body.

6 5
7 Tattoo Models Show How Different They Looked Before They Got Inked 23

Mara Inkperial.

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A post shared by (@mara_inkperial)

Mara Inkperia has calligraphy on her forehead, an entire chest piece, blackout ink on her legs, and even patterns on her feet.

But have you ever wondered what the German model looks like without ink? Mara, who is famous for her body art, decided to flaunt a very different style recently.

only_mara_inkperial /Instagram

She covered up her chest and face tattoos with a thick Demacol foundation. The tattooist then shared pictures of the jaw-dropping transformation with her 702,000 followers.

only_mara_inkperial /Instagram

Angela Mazzanti.

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angela_mazzanti via Instagram

Influencer Angele shared a before vs. after pic of herself pre and post tattoos. She startled her fans when she gave them a glimpse of what she used to look like. “In all honestly, I can’t believe how much my life has changed since modeling. My biggest advice to anyone wanting to get into is don’t ever stop and shoots as much as you can.” Angela had captioned the photo below.

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angela_mazzanti via Instagram

Kerstin Ehe. 

8 3
tattoo_butterfly_flower via Instagram

Kerstin had hated tattoos, but after getting her first, she instantly fell in love with the form of art. So far, she has spent thousands on getting her whole body colorfully inked. “I couldn’t stand my skin anymore. I wanted to try something new. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a beautiful meadow full of flowers that one has to love.” Kerstin had said in an interview with Truly.

9 2
tattoo_butterfly_flower via Instagram

Becky Holt.

10 2
becky_holt_bolt via Instagram

Becky dubbed Britain’s most tattooed woman has 95% of her skin, including her face, chest, and ears covered in ink. The Chesire-based recently went viral after covering half her body in thick makeup to show her natural skin. The model asked her fans: “I look so mad without tattoos! Which do you prefer?” And in response, her followers assured her of looking beautiful with or without the tattoos. 

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becky_holt_bolt via Instagram

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