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39 On-Spot Gifts For Your Friends Who Can’t Stop Rewatching ‘Friends’


39 On-Spot Gifts For Your Friends Who Can’t Stop Rewatching ‘Friends’

Take my money.

‘Friends’ is such an iconic show that has become a part of our life. Even if you are not the biggest fan, you can pretty much mention that one friend who is. Afterall, it’s one that’s been part of our lives for decades. Not to mention that it’s about to leave Netflix, taking our old memories with it.

Greenlemon has quite a list of things that you might want to get for your heavy fan of friends. Or maybe, you can get all of them for yourselves.

1. T-shirt with the century’s most iconic quote.

2. Blueprint of Monica’s rich grandma apartment.


3. Love to play? Then this Central Perk LEGO set will definitely be one that you love.


4. Medium roast coffee bag Gunther-style.


5. This precious Christmas card as lords are a’leaping and geese are a’laying

TheStuckShop/ Etsy

6. This mug that keeps people wondering how they could have gotten that couch up the stairs.


7. The cardholder that every ‘Friends’ fans can proudly bring everywhere.


8. This trifle bowl for your ‘Trifle Time’ by Rachel.


9. 66 of the most favorite stickers every fan can share with their friends.


10. ‘Save The Drama For Your Mama’ shirt because who will hate this Rachel Green’s shirt.

Etsy / NBC

11. This photo frame to show off your most beloved picture… and show.


12. Central Perk lunch bag that will repel any Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich thief.


13. This lightweight pullover for the people who can’t have moments that lack ‘Friends’.


14. Get this 2020 wall calendar even if you don’t use it and remind all the iconic moments as months go by.

Urban Outfitters

15. In addition, this jersey to show your spirit.


16. Add a monkey plush for Ross’ fans because Marcel is worth dying for.


17. Get this black-and-white ‘Friends’ skyline poster.

Urban Outfitters

18. This set of colored pencils with the most hilarious names for colors.


19. Another art piece to add to your wall. How about daydream the thought of experiencing this on your own?

Pottery Barn

20. Light this Central Perk candle when you need time to reminisce on your first time watching ‘Friends’.


21. Wine glass for people who need to be asked the question ‘How you doin’?’


22. The doormat that emits the true spirit of your soul.

REFreshMATS / Etsy

23. Every SnapChat user should have this personalized filter. Especially if you’re getting married.

UnmeasuredEvent / Etsy

24. Get this other poster of ‘Friends’ with all kinds of iconic logos in it.


25. This phone case we never realized is vital to life.


26. The enamel pin we all need. At least when we can’t play our favorite songs from ‘Friends’.

thegooseandrabbit / Etsy

27. Chick and duckpin. Because why not?

thegooseandrabbit / Etsy

28. Hanging out with friends? This quiz game is perfect to test how much of a true fan they are.


29. Ross sticker that is so on-spot with mood.

juliarussell / Redbubble

30. The keychain we can’t stop ourselves from being amazed at.


31. The perfect chambray Central Perk hoodie to wear when spying that Ugly Naked Guy.

Box Lunch

32. Cute Joey Funko Pop that reminds us of why ‘Friends’ is amazing.


33. This pullover that is definitely perfect to stay warm while listening to ‘Smelly Cat’.


34. A pair of novelty socks that will cheer up your SO who’s a fan of ‘Friends’.

Cotton On, NBC

35. A simple ‘Reserved’ sign to book that perfect spot at your favorite local coffee shop.


36. ‘You’re my lobster’ that any loved one will feel appreciated with.

DOTdesignsCo / Etsy

37. The T-shirt from that iconic Ross-is-fit moment.

Amazon, NBC

38. That apothecary table Rachel got from the flea market (we all know it’s from Pottery Barn).

Pottery Barn

39. Finally, the icing of the cake, Geller Cup for competitive family or friends who are looking forward to raising the competition.

LanaBoBanaShop / Etsy

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