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35 Great Things People Found In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets And Garage Sales


35 Great Things People Found In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets And Garage Sales

Gonna hit the thrift store more often now.

Thrifting has recently gained popularity with people uploading unusual and amazing things they found in these stores. And since the nature of thrifting means you don’t have to spend too much, it can really get you some of the most historical, amazing and weird things.

We from Green Lemon compiled the weirdest and coolest things people found in these stores. Why not make a trip to your local thrift store and see what treasure you can find there?

1. This sassy grandfather clock ain’t having it.

Jessie Finn

2. Daughter bought this pot that was meant for baking soda. But it has found a better position.

Amanda Kevern

3. This mushroom lamp!

Alexandra McKay

4. Went to the new thrift store and go the right sweater to declare himself as a Funguy.

Chris Costigan

5. Found ‘secondhand’ wallpaper behind the mirror and light fixture.

Lydia DeTello

6. Found it at Fabulous Finds in Port Charlotte, FL. They thought this was a vase, but it was actually a hat!

7. 20 years after using the towel on the left and loving it, they found a brand new one on the right!

Jay Englishbee

8. Girlfriend stumbled on a Victorian Balloon Chair. Plans to reupholster it in purple velvet.

Aaron Biddle

9. Both are her – on the left she found the handsewn one-piece at a thrift store and on the right was her 24 years ago wearing it to a beauty pageant competition at the age of 16.

Nicole Bee

10. For 75 cents during an estate sale.

MJ Buley

11. Browsed and found this ‘hideous’ gem at $6.99.

Krystle Getson

12. During his business trip to Pennsylvania, husband bought this for $700 as many people have been asking them about an addition to their family.

Amanda Bowen

13. Thought ‘Argh, cute chair’ only to flip it upside down and found this.

Belle Joyce

14. Found it first 25 years ago, bought it at a local swap-sell years later.

Kerrie Murphy

15. Top was a random painting that looks so much like Applesauce the doggo on the bottom.

Birdie Wood

16. Salt and pepper shakers hanging around.

Lisa Dodge Townsend

17. Chewbacca rides a giant squirrel with a crossbow in its hand, fighting Nazis. It now has a place in the dining room.

Nikki Dieball

18. Simple illustration on the miracle of life.

Katherine Brown

19. Adorable dinosaur chopsticks.

Madeline Ashton

20. The holy grail of pride event. $7.99 for the rainbow-sequined bodysuit.

Kaz Windness

21. This is Chessie from Chesapeake Railway. She’s drawn sleeping and dreaming about being a hero during WWI.

Sarah Choate

22. Only $30 for this adorable couch for them.

23. 10-year-old son is actually cooking tiny grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup on this tiny cast iron stove from an antique store.

Sarah Smith

24. This magician suit is 100+ years old.

Joe Brotterball

25. He found the homemade dress at a thrift store in Dallas, Oregon, and has never turned back since then.

Michael Fairchild

26. Knows no Rick, but this 25 cents cup is too cute to pass up. Here are size references:

27. At only $1, this bellybutton lint brush is so worth it.

Meredith Finley-Simonds

28. This vintage house has been built since 1962. New owners inherited the dollhouse built over a decade when she was sick.

Emily Millar

29. This is a funeral fan. Two of them placed on each end of a casket to keep the body cool.

Jennifer Johnson

30. Found donated at the bin at Goodwill.

Nikki Raymer

31. This portrait of grayskull is certainly coming home.

Troy Gleason

32. Husband bought an old NASA book from Goodwill and found this. Definitely going to plant it!

Katrina Marie Lackhouse

33. Lexus the 20-year-old cat loves this bed of hers bought from a consignment store 8 years ago.

Casey Carolina Hernandez

34. Found Granny at an estate sale in Ft. Worth. A great addition to the family!

Carrie Sexton

35. Hand-painted and found at Goodwill for $1.91. This cat has seen things.

Shelby Albright

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