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31 Smart Space-Saving Ideas That You’re Going To Love


31 Smart Space-Saving Ideas That You’re Going To Love

Simplistic and functional designs.

It’s not easy to find a big or even medium apartment. Furniture aren’t design to fit our space exactly as well. But if you’re the type to make your own furniture or is looking for some ways to use space more efficiently, you will definitely love some of the interior design ideas that we’ve found here.

From high ceiling spaces to annoying, corners, these are some amazing interior ideas to save space at home!

Hover Bunk Beds! Folds up compactly against the wall. Fits two twin/single mattresses.

Out of the way when not in use, turns into a dining or coffee table when in need.

A smart space-saving design for spice racks.

We don’t have space for a dining table in our apartmant, so I have made a walnut lift-top table.


No space, but no problem! Here’s my WIP mobile folding miter station I built.


A corner cabinet we never knew we need.


There was extra space between garage doors, so might as well make us of that!


A TV-bench that fits nicely in my corner, my first creation.


Extra storage rooms under the staircase.


A whole playroom right under their bed.

A neat closet-style laundry room with storage on the door.

Extra high ceiling means you can have your hobby room right above your bed!

A smart bunk-bed style for siblings.


Spice-rack that slides out next to the fridge.


High ceiling rooms can benefit from this design.


The nursery, playroom, closet, all in one. Just make sure it’s extra safe with high walls so your kid don’t fall and use carpet!

Ever thought of hanging pockets next to your bed when you can’t have a bedside table?


Another way to utilize the space under the stair.


Bunk bed that you can move up and down.

This library has their seats stored in the walls while making it a beautiful decor.


When you kid is in need of some hideout or when a guest come, here’s an extra bed space.

It’s the bed. No… it’s the dining table.

Dining room with utensils right under the chair.

This space-saving restaurant!


From a coffee table to your comfortable workspace.


A bicycle that can park with its handle sideways!


Triple bed for the kids!


Don’t waste the space of your bedrest!

As long you’re not the type to roll out of your bed.

Triple bunk bed with extra play space under.

Kara-Kae James

Stair drawers.


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