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30 Times People Encountered Hilariously Worst Delivery Guys


30 Times People Encountered Hilariously Worst Delivery Guys

How many brain cells does it take to not ruin what’s supposed to be someone else’s best moment?

Either these deliverymen really don’t care about the quality of the things they deliver or they are just real jerks. It’s really convenient to order things online as you get to just wait at home, but bad things happen when you just happen to be out working or attending other things when deliverymen arrive.

They want to get their work done with quickly and we want to get our stuff as quickly as possible. But all of us prefer to receive our diploma not in the shape of bent or worse – a cracked and bent, brand new 40″ TV.

Green Lemon found some of the annoying people who couldn’t appreciate people and the things they’ve ordered. Next time, you might want to quickly check on your stuff and make sure to take a picture when you open it so you can complain to the delivery company.

1. USPS delivered new vinyl record and tried to fit it in.


2. Someone doesn’t read. It’s a diploma.


3. Amazon delivery man signed… and then stole it.

4. UPS delivery man caught urinating in the elevator.


5. Brand new 4K TV in a wreck.


6. Domino’s Pizza delivery guy ate the toppings of the pizza.


7. Canada Post lost 3 packages in 6 months and claimed to have delivered. No wonder if they always leave it like this.


8. Raised the mats to cover tires.


9. A USPS carrier ordered his uniforms that came in like this. Bad reps inside and outside.


10. People can’t read. Seriously.

11. They just left the box like that, preventing the door to open.

12. Man reflexively took a sip, possibly daydreaming and thinking it was his drink. The paper cover was on, but STILL, you wouldn’t be tolerating this if a complete stranger did this to your drink.


13. Not delivered. Reason: Obstruction on the front door.

14. UPS marks it delivered when they simply dumped it in the middle of the driveway.


15. Receiver asked for the post to be delivered through the window. So this happened. It all ended well, though.

Sam Cooke

16. ‘We Care’, that’s why your packaging looks like this.


17. Ordered a new door.


18. Delivery guy didn’t want to walk to the second floor.


19. Man licked a spoonful of food for clients and put it back.


20. More bent diplomas. USPS will never learn.


21. “Got a delivery at work and saw this in the van, that’s going to suck for someone else!”


22. FedEx and UPS think it’s cool to deliver like this.


23. Really, FedEx?


24. Yeah, because Alienware is worthless.


25. FedEx made a new sphinx for customers on the spot.


26. UPS deliveryman stole the content of Christmas package.

Steve S

27. Amazon kept delivering packages to neighbors who refuse to give them back. So he left this note:


28. Unnecessary packaging for a single nose ring.


29. Brand new book to read!


30. It’s FRAGILE.


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