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30 Strange Thanksgiving Stories That Leave People Surprised


30 Strange Thanksgiving Stories That Leave People Surprised

Pretty unbelievable but here we are.

What was the most memorable Thanksgiving for you? There are people who think a big gathering with the family is pretty boring. But there are those who love being with the crowd and spending some quality time with relatives. The last two years have been especially different for a lot of us with the world being how it is now.

Thanksgiving for the year 2021 was especially special to these people. The gathering of family members who haven’t met for a long while invoked chaos that was completely unprecedented and we have 30 stories off Reddit that’ll keep your eyes locked on your screen.


“Our family uncle crushed one of the kids at air hockey made the kid cry, and posted about it on Reddit…I’m the uncle.”rdubya3387


thanksgiving 2021 stories 1

“My 21-year-old sister will graduate from college in less than a month. My brother congratulated her on being the first person in our family to graduate college without getting pregnant.

Turns out that’s not true. She started sobbing and got in her car and drove away. Whoops.”


thanksgiving 2021 stories 2

“My mom, who I’ve been in no contact with for most of my life, said she wanted to reconcile and please come to Thanksgiving so she could see her grandson. She wasn’t there when we arrived and told my sister that she didn’t want to have dinner with us.

Literally, nobody cared, and we had a great Thanksgiving without her. Honestly dodged a bullet.”


“The gravy was a war crime. The plastic cooking utensil melted into it. I was the first to find out.”AbheyBloodmane


thanksgiving 2021 stories 3

“My thanksgiving dinner was me, my parents, and my younger sister. Just the four of us at my parents’ home.

Mom got a text message from my aunt (mom’s sister) about how grandma (mom’s mom) was badmouthing the food she made and talking about how her boys (mom and aunt’s brothers) can’t be expected to eat this stuff. Mom texted aunt back with ‘tell her that guests don’t get to complain about free food, they just get to choose if they want to eat or not.’

Apparently, aunt took this advice, because about 20 minutes later mom got several texts and voicemails (she didn’t answer her phone) about how aunt kicked people out early and how mom ‘ruined thanksgiving’ by telling aunt to say that.

This is why we stopped going to family thanksgivings btw.”


thanksgiving 2021 stories 4
30 Strange Thanksgiving Stories That Leave People Surprised 24

“Father in law got drunk, took his shirt off, and then arm-wrestled my son (lost). Then tried to tackle his daughter (my wife) (also lost). Everyone is worried grandma has dementia but for some reason, she made a “pie”. Everyone ate it and pretended it was pie. Not sure what to call it; it was in a pie pan, there was no crust. It had apples.”_Stamos


thanksgiving 2021 stories 5
30 Strange Thanksgiving Stories That Leave People Surprised 25

“Had to call a tow truck on some teenager (friend of front neighbor’s kid) because he wouldn’t move his car that was blocking my mom’s driveway.

She told him to move it since she needed to get something for dinner, he answered that he shouldn’t have to move it because it’s a public street. I go get the stuff and then get home, I again tell him to move it because I want to park up the driveway. Shouts at me that I can find parking up the street.

Now he has no car for Thanksgiving and the cop gave him a ticket.”


“My kids got hammered Wed night, one got left at the bar and walked 3 miles to get home. I woke up at 3 am and saw that one kid was missing so I called him. He was still a mile from home so I drove to get him. When I got to him the police were questing him. Said they had a report of a man with a weapon having a mental health crisis. Luckily they got another call and let my doofus go home with me.”amboomernotkaren


thanksgiving 2021 stories 6

“The power went out at the host’s house and I ended up cooking and hosting at the last minute.”anadarko_wore_red


“My grandmother’s dog literally died an hour before dinner.”PonyboysBlues


thanksgiving 2021 stories 7

“A 22yo woman showed up at my house crying because she was lost and asked me if I could help her find her boyfriend’s house. I was just about to put my streaks on the grill.

My wife and I had a couple drinks at this point so I offered to walk her to her boyfriend’s house, she knew that he lived near the jail and that was only about a 15 minutes walk from my house.

While we were walking she said that her phone and food stamp debit card got stolen recently so she couldn’t call her boyfriend. We ended up walking the area I thought he would live in based upon her very incomplete description of where she lived. She said that some of the sights looked familiar but she wasn’t sure if we were in the right area.

At one point we found a cop and she asked him for help but he said that he was busy responding to a call.

After walking a good chunk of my small hometown, we found his house, a two-mile or so walk that ended up being just a few blocks from my house. It was a nice walk, my dog enjoyed it and I got to help someone. She is my daughter’s age and I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her.”


thanksgiving 2021 stories 8

“We found out grandma gets competitive as hell in beer pong.”Backslasherton


“My dad said this was the best Thanksgiving dinner he’s ever had. I cooked.”Vanviator


thanksgiving 2021 stories 9

“My aunt’s pet lynx torn open my nephew’s scrotum. Straight to the ER.”DigiBruh


“My Dad and stepmom were ragging on me, which is pretty normal. I came to their house for Thanksgiving and my brother showed up. My brother and I haven’t seen each other in about four years.

Anyway, so they’re going on about me and my brother is getting visibly uncomfortable. They’ve been like this to me my whole life and I think my brother had that realization very suddenly, the same as I did when my girlfriend pointed it out.

It was good to see someone get upset about the things they say to me. It makes me realize I’m not crazy.”


“My cousin, unfortunately, came out as a flat earther while I was showing off my brand new telescope I bought recently.”ThatPersonZenZen


thanksgiving 2021 stories 10

“My in-laws have a place at a lake an hour or so from our house. Every time we go my SIL takes the bedroom with a full bed and toddler bed for herself and her one child (who sleeps with her). Her other 2 children sleep with my in-laws. My husband and our 3 children are left trying to figure out where to sleep, usually on an air mattress on the living room floor. Well…we came early and took the room. She is livid, stomping around and slamming doors. Has been for 4 hours.

SIL eventually went to bed around midnight (after saying for hours that she was going to go to a hotel instead of sleep in the other bedroom with a twin mattress), MIL told her this morning she better knock it off, and the day has been relatively normal. I basically talked with her like nothing was wrong. Tried the whole kill ’em with kindness approach…seemed to work.”


“In-laws are visiting from out of town. Except father in law decided to leave yesterday and go home before Thanksgiving and did not come back. He told my wife and me, just not his wife.

Mother-in-law is still here.

FYI this is normal for him.”


“This was my first Thanksgiving without my mom so I volunteered to work. One of my coworkers was telling me about how her extended stay messed up her room key and wasn’t on the property to fix it so she was going to sleep in her car till tomorrow. It is cold tonight. I gave her money for a hotel tonight as a PIF in honor of my mom. My mom was cheap and a terrible tipper who would never have given money to a stranger so yeah, my mom inspired generosity in death.”copymistress


thanksgiving 2021 stories 11

“There’s a strong possibility that my stepmother sabotaged my stepsister’s cooking.”CLTalbot


“My boyfriend’s brother bought over these really spicy chips he got at five below. I think they are called the spiciest chips in the world idk lol. anyways, both of them ate one.

About 5 minutes later, I walk into the kitchen and I see my boyfriend with tears rolling down his face and stuffing ice cream in his face lmao. then he disappeared for a little bit, so I went upstairs and found him lying in the hallway, drenched in sweat & barely able to even speak. He said he threw up and he wasn’t human for the next little bit. Both their grandparents were calling them idiots lol.”mdaws7


“My mother-in-law was admitted to the ICU by her primary doctor yesterday afternoon. At 4 am, she had to undergo emergency surgery lasting 6 hours. They still can’t get her heart rate down and her kidneys may be failing. And my brother-in-law said that we were being dramatic because ‘if she was that sick, he’d have known before now.’”Lilliputian0513


“My 12-year-old cousin wouldn’t eat any of the food that my 80-year-old grandma spent the whole day making because it “wasn’t Brazilian”. his parents are 100% Italian and we do not have any Brazilian relatives. his parents are brain surgeons so they’re loaded, and their excuse was that he doesn’t eat homemade stuff. Only “high end” ???

I have no idea what that had to do with Brazilian food but I’m assuming it’s some sort of phase? I don’t even think he’s had Brazilian food before.”


thanksgiving 2021 stories 12

“My 5-year-old son peed in the cat food bowl while I was cooking and then cut his own hair while I was eating dinner.”mshell734


thanksgiving 2021 stories 13

“All the grandkids came over and they are toddlers. They ran around the house most of the night in a pack, screaming and causing chaos and disorder, and eventually, they made their way to the mantle above the fireplace where they discovered a box that they just couldn’t resist picking up and opening. The oldest one grabbed handfuls of gray dust out of the box and started throwing it up in the air in the living room, yelling out “it’s snowing mommy!” while my aunt stared in shock and horror. Apparently, the kids found the ashes of our aunt’s old cat and couldn’t help but spread the love. Swear this just happened a few hours ago and I couldn’t make this up.”redheadmomster666


“We accidentally spilled some warm turkey grease on one of our dogs. He didn’t seem hurt, but the other six dogs at the house would always lick him whenever he walked past. It was funny and sad to see how pathetic he looked being licked by all the other dogs.”BedrockPanda


thanksgiving 2021 stories 14

“Met my cousin’s fiancée for the first time. She is clearly mentally unwell. She dominated all conversation with her nonstop ramblings, which included a story about the first time she masturbated and asked that we buy a baby xylophone for her chickens as a wedding gift (for the human couple).”brooklynlopez11


“Two bites into my meal at my mother-in-law’s house my ring doorbell alerted me to someone ringing my doorbell. I pulled it up and catch an old man entering my house. I bolted out of my chair and went home. She lives close. I get there and no one is there. I pull up the video and see he exited like 20 seconds after he entered grumbling “hrrrm wrong house.”

The funny thing was as we were leaving I thought to myself, did I lock the front door? What are the f***ing odds?

My food was still warm when I got back to my mother-in-law’s house.”


thanksgiving 2021 stories 15

“My aunt pretended to be paralyzed (from covid) to avoid taking care of her sickly mother.”ShortSnowboarder


“I’m the black sheep of my family and the outcast. Most of my family has disowned me. I spent today in rehab. It’s my 10th day in, 45-day program. I’m done with drinking ‘n drugging. It wasn’t that bad at all.

Watched football with the other addicts and had a hot meal delivered to us from the VFW. Yeh, I’m in a VA hospital. It’s for the best. Holidays are hard for users. I always drink harder on special occasions so I’m in here away from temptation. Wish yall the best. I’ll see ya at Christmas!!”

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