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30 People Whose Transformation Prove That Weight Is Not Everything


30 People Whose Transformation Prove That Weight Is Not Everything

Some even gained weight!

A lot of people are fixated on the numbers on that scale. Weight is a visible factor that we can easily measure from time to time. In medical exams, it’s the base number experts need to calculate your body compositions. When it surpasses certain limits, you can be declared overweight or even obese.

But numbers are not everything – that ideal body you dream of is probably in your grasp, but you don’t know how to hold it. These people show that working out is especially an important factor in gaining your dream physique. By burning fat into muscles, they show how the same weight can look absolutely different.

“If I went solely by the scale for my progress during 10 Rounds, I’d be so disappointed. I only lost 2 lbs. I lost 6.75 inches in 6 weeks.”


“This is your friendly reminder that the number on the scale is not important. Picture on the left: 73.9kg, on the right: 73.4kg.”


“2014 (BW: 53KG) vs. 2021 (BW: 54KG). Didn’t know what sustainable dieting was, and relied on “quick fixes,” eventually gained all the weight back. This girl is now lifting HEAVY, EATING GOOD, and can deadlift almost 3x her BW.”


“Oh yeah, and in case I don’t talk about it enough. SCREW. THE. SCALE! 145 lbs.”


“Both 130 lbs. The number isn’t what always matters! I have to say when I took the picture on the right in September 2016, I felt SO FREAKING GOOD and proud of myself for starting a healthy lifestyle!”


“The difference between these 2 pictures is 5lbs… No, I didn’t lose 5lbs. I actually GAINED them!”


“I’m at the same weight I was last December…”


“Age 34 at 63 kg and age 36 at 63 kg.”

“I’m the same weight in both of these photos. And this is why taking progress pictures are so important! That number on scale is not measuring the physical changes you are making!”


“Today snapchat reminded me how far I’ve come. 2 years ago vs now.”


“These pics are 7 years apart and I weighed the exact same in both of them. My body fat is WAY less on the right and have much more muscle, but the scale doesn’t care.”


“Don’t think you’ve changed much because not much weight is coming off? Pull up an old pic and compare it to the same shirt today!”


“I’ve pretty much always stayed around 140lbs but have dropped 7 pant sizes because I changed my body composition. I did it by losing fat and gaining muscle.”


“140 lbs -> 140 lbs. Bad days happen no matter what you look like. But you do handle them better when you are taking proper care of yourself.”


“Would you believe me if I told you I was about the same weight in both pics? Body composition is everything and just goes to show that the numbers on the scale don’t mean anything.”


“For some reason my scale showed I gained 5lbs overnight, instead of freaking out I took progress photos to show myself my progress has not been lost! That momma pooch is going down, slowly, but it’s happening!”


“Aug 2014, 128 lbs vs. 123lbs. There is 2 years and ONLY 5 lbs difference but the body on the right has been totally transformed from the inside out.”


“Changed some of my eating habits. Hitting the gym 2-3 times a week. A year difference in the same sports bra, same underwear, same WEIGHT.”


“Same weight, different bodies. So, it’s not always about the scale.”


“There is exactly a ONE POUND difference between these two pictures. This, my friends, is precisely why you shouldn’t measure your progress by the scale.”


“Five years at least between these two photos and I’m probably about the same weight in each! Amazing what a few tattoos, facial hair that grows properly, and a hair cut can do!”


“In ALL these pics I am the same weight! Only difference in the pics on the right I was eating clean and lifting heavy weights!”

“2 year difference and the same weight in both. That’s right I’ve gained weight. But baby, that smile and confidence I got now is something I dreamed of two years ago.”


“And guess what, she weighs about the same in both pictures! This is a prime example of why the scale cannot be the only way you measure progress.”


“I took the picture on the right today, and compared it to a picture when I was the same weight… Left and right are at 185!”


“Proof you can weight the same and look completely different. 200lbs 4 years ago and 200lbs today. Body fat is way less. Both the same weight but what consistency in the gym has done.”


“Same weight, not same body. Both 74 kg.”


“Would you believe me if I said I weighed the EXACT same in both of these pictures? I’ve learned to have a positive relationship with food, I lift weights, and recognize the importance of rest. I’m truly happier than I’ve been in SO long!”


“Same weight.”


“Feb 1st 2019 – Apr 12th 2019. Happy with the changes I’m seeing weighing exactly the same 22 stone.”


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