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20 People Whose Incredible Transformations Can Inspire Everyone


20 People Whose Incredible Transformations Can Inspire Everyone

Proud of their hard work!

When you have lived your whole life with a certain habit, it is hard to break out of it. It’s always easier to grab junk food, spend hours watching TV or playing games, and not getting out to exercise. Even after years of making resolutions, you never seem to be able to see through them. They end up as wishful thinking; those around you also don’t seem to be bothered.

These people were at that point in life, and perhaps it was starting to eat them away. But as long as you are determined, you can do it. There is always a way; the question is whether you have enough willpower to walk through it. Consistency is the key, and replacing your old with new habits is important.

You won’t change – you are still you, but a definitely better and healthier you! For now, please look at how proud they are of their weight loss journey.

Carley’s before and after between March 2015 to October 2016.


354 pounds with diabetes, high blood pressure and plantar fasciitis (inflammation on the tissues between heel bone and toes). A year and 177 pounds lost! My diabetes is gone and I workout 6 days a week now.


Obesity is one of the world’s leading death causes, which has been proven linked to chronic illnesses such as stroke and heart attacks to cancers. Approximately 4.7 million premature deaths that happen every year can be attributed to obesity. Statistics also show that the number of obese people has tripled since 1975.

She went on a plant-based diet for four years and lost weight.


Three years ago vs. today. From 600 to 230 pounds!


Lost about 166.5 lbs in 2 years.


I lost 100 lbs from 245 lbs!


My weight loss was 90% diet, 10% exercise with 100% mental!


“Back to 198.7.”


I was 16 in the first picture and lost 85lbs. Got into body weight training, saw the progress and I had a confident boost.


Our Christmas card lost 350 lbs!


WHO explains that obesity refers to high BMI numbers, often linked to higher risks of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and various types of cancer. Children with obesity will also be very likely to grow up obese with higher rates of premature death.

Always focus on your progress! Maintaining 165 lbs.

I’m 198 lbs lighter two years later!


After 2 years, shed 203 lbs in total.


Burnt 55kg in one and a half year.


Before (545 pounds) vs. after (215 pounds).


Kitty lost some weight, too!

Stan Marston

She lost 63.5kgs!


This Donna, a fitness model, who lost 112 lbs in two years.

Obesity can be prevented! But this doesn’t mean that once you are overweight, you can’t be saved. It all really depends on your willpower to get up and tell yourself enough is enough. These before and after transformation pictures show that change is possible when you push yourself hard enough.

It was my New Year’s resolution to lose weight and reach 200lbs for this year. I hit my goal three weeks away from the year changing.


I finally lost 90 lbs from 235.8lbs!


Don’t be discouraged because change doesn’t happen overnight. But it definitely will only happen if you try today. And don’t forget that it’s all about being healthier for yourself!

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