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30 People Who Are Having The Worst Quarantine Of Us All


30 People Who Are Having The Worst Quarantine Of Us All

How’s your quarantine going?

As long as the water is running, the Wi-Fi is on and your Netflix is still subscribed, nothing could really go wrong with the quarantine. Right? RIGHT? I mean, what could go wrong when you’re literally not going to do anything but just sit tight and waste time?

It appears that some of these people are having the worst things to happen right when everything shuts down due to Covid-19. We can only sympathize and send prayers in hopes they can get through these trying times.

1. I chose not to bulk-buy. Now, I’m wondering if maybe I should have…


2. We can all agree with this kid: Covid-19, you’re the F-word.


3. Because the governor ordered for businesses, except for ‘life-sustaining’ ones, to be closed, my only bathroom is still under construction.


4. The door repairmen panicked when lockdown announcement was done and left things looking like this.


5. Got my toilet paper from Wish app…


6. What are the chances of having your charger drop right on the power strip and turn off your computer right in the middle of your work?


7. This man has been putting off his haircut and let his girlfriend do it. He’s learned a lesson now.


8. Never had this joke became such a serious issue… Cats!


9. Boy got his hair cut yesterday and we’re having fun with it for a little bit before getting it fixed.


10. Why do you ask? Of course, I’m fine.


11. On the third day of husband’s new work-from-home lifestyle, the dog has taken a whole 180 turn and is on his lap now.


12. The quarantine order was enforced for the next 48 hours, and then these two people on an empty street right in front of a closed gas station…


13. Never had the ‘404’ error hurt so much.


14. Never had an online lesson gone so awry and messy, but at least, family-time, right?


15. Right when quarantine started, my Xbox 360 of 11 years finally passed on. Thank you and RIP, buddy.


16. On online remote teaching, teachers will generate unique code for each course. Apparently, mine was ‘jizn2gd’… ‘Jizzin’ To God’.


17. I planned to celebrate my 20th birthday tomorrow and got 60 donuts. Then, we’re told to work from home for the whole week.


18. The dental school that I get my teeth done at is closed for the next month.


19. So, we found a $50 gift card while cleaning out the desk during quarantine.


20. These four rolls were drowned when the bathroom flooded…


21. The lockdown happened right when our kitchen renovation was halfway through. Trying to get by with a toaster over and a sink now.


22. The least one would expect is to be able to enjoy good wine.


23. Found this on the attic when looking for water leak. It’s still soft, so that thing is probably recent.


24. This man looks so sad losing his blueberries, not to mention he never had much in his cart to begin with.


25. Parents panic-buy $100 worth of legos. The kids ended up playing with a cardboard box and can lid for the past 2 hours.


26. When you’ve been eating out for your whole life and suddenly, you have to cook. Here’s said man’s first attempt at instant oatmeal.


27. After stocking up, my fridge’s door had just fallen off.


28. Spotted a bag of grocery left on the bus by someone.


29. Within 24 hours of quarantine, the TV has decided to give up.


30. The graduation was cancelled, so here’s my girlfriend picking her degree up from the student desk.


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