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30 Incredible Pics That Depict The Unseen Side Of Things


30 Incredible Pics That Depict The Unseen Side Of Things

Now you have random cool facts to talk about with friends online.

This quarantine is driving us all mad and a lot of you are probably bored with your new routine. You cannot go out, you are also about to burst your credit card from doing online shopping so much. But the world is never short of new interesting things to see and learn from, even things you’re so familiar with!

Dún Briste (the Broken Fort), a relatively new sea stack that was severed from mainland, Ireland, in 1393 during an overnight storm. This is a thousand years-worth of picture.

Mike Searle

The true life of a reporter. One in-ear receiver and a transmitter for clip-on microphone.


A look inside an empty Boeing 787 which can hold up to 335 passengers.


A close-up look of an elephant tail. It swats away flies and is also a mean of communication.


The inside of a salt mine. Mining for salt used to be dangerous and was done by slaves.


The microbe-handprint of an 8-year-old boy after playing outside.

Tasha Sturm

A giant amethyst geode.


This is a ghost heart after all blood is cleaned and only protein scaffold.

Doris Taylor

An actual processed image of a virus from the phages family under the electron microscope.


Snow covering the net roof of an aviary in Saint Louis Zoo, built in 1904.


Two medical students, M.A. Schalck and L.P. Ramsdell, spent 1,500 hours to dissect a cadaver’s nervous system intact. That is more than 4 months long assuming they work 12 hours a day.


Gorgeous ice crystals in Switzerland.


How the tiger skin actually look like. They do have stripes down to the skin.


Inside an astronaut’s suit. They weigh about 280 pounds on earth and takes 45 minutes to wear.


This is a fossilized footprint of a dinosaur in The Bull Canyon Dinosaur Track Trail, Utah. This is probably a Therapod’s.


The glass frog is so transparent you can see its internal organs clearly.

Jaime Culebras

Agate shell which has minerals forming and replacing the shells itself. Pretty common on West Coast beaches.


Baby flamingos are born white.


A globe that allows blind people to ‘see’ made in 1837. One of the first maps that blind people could use.


Looking at grains of salt under the electron microscope.


An albino raccoon.


A picture of the dark side of the moon captured by NASA from 1 million miles away.


This is a square starfish due to birth defects.

Phil Mercurio

A picture of eclipse on earth from space.

Mir 27 Crew

Pictures of Aurora seen in different planets.


A decomposed dead cactus that left its spines behind. Be careful, they’re still sharp!


Sperm whales only have teeth in their lower jaw and sockets for their upper jaw.


The real driver in ‘Baby Driver’ is on top of the car this whole time.


The surface of a strawberry.


These heads from Easter Island actually have bodies.

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