30 Hilarious Times People Want To Yell 'This Isn't Fair' To Life

30 Hilarious Times People Want To Yell ‘This Isn’t Fair’ To Life

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Life is not always smooth, and that’s just the way it is. What would life be if people don’t have to work hard to make it worth it, right? But there are also times when you just wished that it wouldn’t mess up so bad that all you can think is that the universe did this on purpose.

We’ve all had a bad day. Most of these bad days cost people thousands of dollars and more. Sometimes, it’s not that pricey, but people feel like crying a bit when they realize nothing is working. But it’s okay, perhaps, these funny moments from other people’s bad days will help make you feel better. Not just people – even animals have bad days, too!

“Since I discovered Tiger Beach in early 2000, 74 SLR professional cameras have been taken from my guests and myself. The electrical stimulus of these cameras probably attracts the sharks to the cameras and there just curious as to what it actually is.”

Jim Abernethy



“Door was jamming from inside, so phoned for a guy to repair it. He managed to open it, left his tools outside, came in and shut the door. Now we both stuck.”


“Went camping, set a new bug bite record.”


“So much for changing the battery.”


“Prepared Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the dark. It was Cheeze Its.”


“Just lost thousands of dollars worth of product at work. Most likely getting fired.”


“My Boss didn’t realize that there was an envelope of cash on her desk before using the shredder.”


“I am an Asian that finally used the Iris Recognition Technology on his phone…”

“When you come home and your house doesn’t smell like pot roast.”


“I just found out this isn’t me… my parents never took out the stock photo and it’s been there for like ten years.”


“My 12-year-old, allergic to nearly everything.”


“Before the days of TripAdvisor, on a family holiday to Scotland, we spent two hours walking to a famous cave expecting it to go underground and everything. This is the cave…”


“I got this bread from Whole Foods… more like Hole Foods?”


“Dropped my full can of tuna in the drain.”


“Bad morning.”


“When your cabinet decides it’s time to break loose and come crashing down the day you install your brand new glass top stove.”


“I spilled 50,000 2mm glass beads on the ground and I now have to sort them by hand.”


“My multi-million dollar health care company said they were getting us a present for being essential workers… we got a baggie of masks…”


“Just a little too hot to kayak in Florida today.”


“My mom accidentally printed her divorce papers on stickers.”


“You ever mess up burgers so bad that even your grill is surprised?”


“The good news is my custom facemask arrived, the bad news is that they printed my face 20% too large.”


“Are we there yet?”


“When you try to get the ball down with a shoe.”


“Someone accidentally set off the fire suppression system in a military hanger.”


“Someone in Australia was tying their shoe when a Fire Bombing plane had to drop their load due to turbulence.”


“Long story short, I saw a cockroach.”


“Just set up new monitor, chair slipped under me and I hit the desk, and monitor fell and broke. Happy Friday.”


“This vet trip is off to a bad start.”