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30 Genius Life Hacks That Will Definitely Make You Live Much Easier


30 Genius Life Hacks That Will Definitely Make You Live Much Easier

Simple, genius tricks.

When we think of creative solutions and inventions, we often think about huge technological advancement or something new. But in reality, the smartest solution isn’t the most advanced ones. It’s the easiest one that makes use of all the available resources and you’ll be surprised how much easier your life will get with these.

From how to find your dog back to making your own emergency mask that doesn’t require sewing skills, here are life hacks that should be our survival skill set for 2020.

Save water while growing your own vegetables!


Rinse veggies right in the garden and then re-use the water on the plants. plastic bucket and small laundry basket/colander.

Use a fork when grating last bits of food to avoid possible injury while shredding quickly.


How to bag your own groceries on self-checkout.

Using a hair clip to hold the side of a book when reading on an angle or laying down to prevent “page flopping”.


Can’t sew? No problem! Easy mask in seconds!


Use peanut butter to keep your boy distracted in the shower.

The trick to feed 4 puppies at once.


Kid uses leaf blower on his longboard to run faster.


Looks stupid, but if it works, it is NOT stupid.


Coffee freshness hack.


Scan and print the back of what you want to hang to make exact holes. Make sure the scanned picture is of real-life size and ratio.


Got Legos? Use them to hold cables rather than stepping on them.


Family picture without leaving anyone behind!


How to move your hanging clothes when you move out.


Lost dog tip from hunters.

Erect a small tent and make your own sandpit that is shielded from most weather and keeping cats out.


How to hide your spare key. Assuming the robber wasn’t reading this as well.

Use plastic bags as bin liners with removable picture hooks.


Three command hooks to hang your iPad easily on the wall.


Use stocking over vacuum cleaner’s head to find lost, small objects.

Got this hack from ‘Tokyo Drift’. How to hang laundry while saving space.


Husband did cleanup for Christmas last year and wife only found out today as she was about to start decorating for this year.


How to seal bag while reusing plastic bottles.


A genius 8-year-old design and you’ll never drop your book into the bath anymore.


A genius invention applicable to only lower bunk.


A life hack from Japan. Make a category index and mark the pages on the same line as the category!


Puts ice cream to your recently ’empty’ Nutella jar for extra flavor.


This man do private live feed his chicks through Facebook on his old iPhone to monitor them 24/7.


Use magnetic strip to keep your bobby pins safe.


Slinky can stop squirrels from climbing and stealing bird food.

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