30 Brilliantly Creative Fixes People Made On Broken Objects

30 Brilliantly Creative Fixes People Made On Broken Objects

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A lot of us don’t know how to sew at all and fix a button, let alone know how to fix a patch on our torn jeans. But these people are able to come up with the most creative ways to make these ‘broken’ objects look cool and even enviable. Most importantly, a lot of them only take a different perspective and a little tweak here and there.

On the other hand, there are also people with amazing brains to come up with great permanent fix, like this guy who made rubber road pavement that fixes itself when it rains.

Just make a pentagram above your torn jeans!

He only know one way to fix cracked window.


Grandpa used a Soviet coin to fix my broken key.


Office ceiling is leaking, so friend mounted a small shelf, got a pot of plant and direct the water to it.


Making the best out of the situation.


Artistic boy drew on the wall and his mom improvised.


Boyfriend fell down the stairs on Thanksgiving Day, now it’s our prized display.


Used glitters to fixed my heels.


Used lace to repair the torn couch.

Wall was damaged due to water leakage, but I fixed it.


Polymer clay to broken mug.

Katrin Joonas

This artist makes intricate patterns on chipped floors and sidewalks.

NeSpoon PL

He could not miss his opportunity.


This broken birdbath looks dope with CD fix.


He’s holding up the graphics card really well!


Bumped car now becomes a piece of art.


Crystallized geode used to repaid cracks in walls.


Urban interventionist from Russia, Andrey Syaylev, uses old books to fix broken walls of a library.

Andrey Syaylev

Artist used a ‘see-through’ material to fixed broken furniture.

Tatiane Freitas

What a journey these camels are going through!


Chicago is not fixing the potholes, so this artist make ice-cream mosaics on them.


Broken mirror gets a new lease in life.

Positively Amy

‘Fixed’ the broken door.


A car dent simply means more ways to show your inner child.

Cracked iPhone with highlighters: magic.


Made monster mouth patch on torn jeans.


Japanese used to sew gold threat on broken objects because it adds beauty to them.

Charlotte Bailey

Use broken pots to make fairy gardens!


Tightened belts are great to replace chair’s bottom.


Using Lego. Quiet pricey, though.

Jan Vormann