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28 Times People Experienced Things For The First-Time, And Their Reactions Were Hilarious


28 Times People Experienced Things For The First-Time, And Their Reactions Were Hilarious

Beautiful reactions, priceless moments!

You can never repeat the first time of anything, it does not matter how much you try to seek for that high. Do you still remember when ‘Star Wars’ Darth Vader dropped the parent bomb? Or when your son saw his dad’s identical twin and had a mental breakdown on who should hold him? Nothing beats their first reactions that show a mix of confusion, horror, terror, but also amazement.

My 3 year old daughter caught her first fish today.


Parents saw their granddaughter for the first time through the window in the middle of lockdown.


His first time going through a carwash at 3 months old.


Young boy’s first time hearing reaction. Priceless.

Girl reacting to her first summer rain.

Don Swift

Holding his children’s book for the first time with his right hand.


Baby has never seen fireworks before.

Grandma had a trip to Hawaii for the first time.


Daughter could stand up straight for the first time.


Baby boy, 4 months old, could hear with hearing aids for the first time.

Baby boy confused by dad and his identical twin.

Grandma got her first iPad at 84 years old. Installed ArtRage for her and here’s the result after the first 30-minute using it.


This blind man’s first time hugging a cat.


Rwanda cycling team sees snow for the first time ever.


Soldier’s first meeting with his daughter.


Baby girl saw a ballerina for the first time.


Precious girl’s reaction hearing for the first time.

This is my mom in Spider-Man suit. She was drunk for the first time in 10 years.


Great grandma promised she’ll ride motorcycle for the first time if she reaches 100 and today is that day.


Grandma is 96 and played her first VR game ever.


Girl could see parents clearly at last.

Jessica Sinclair

Friends adopted this beautiful girl from Haiti and here’s her staring out at her first snow ever.


Ruby Holt, at the age of 100, is seeing ocean for the first time in her life.

Perdido Beach Resort

Saw the end of a rainbow for the first time ever! Is that a pot of gold?!


Children of China have never seen a redhead and asked if they could touch it.


Confusing our 10-month-old son as he meets mom’s identical twin for the first time.

Leon had finally figured out how to raise his eyebrows!

Lucas MacEochaidh

After getting married, our parents revealed that they were highschool bestfriends and our first meeting was not in our twenties, but much, much earlier than that.


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